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非限制性定语从句(1) - 副本

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Non-restrictive Attributive Clauses 非限制性定语从句

Finish the attributive clauses below: 1. The lesson which __________ / that we studied yesterday was hard to understand. 2. You can take any book ____ that interests you best.

3. People like to live in a place _____ where there’s fresh air and little noise. 4. The girl __________ whom / thatyou saw at the meeting is a well-known swimmer. 5. He is the very worker whose _____ picture we saw in the newspaper yesterday.

7. I never really understand the reason

____ why he made such a serious mistake. 8. Don’t read such books as __ you cannot
understand. 9. Is that the student to _______ whom you lent your dictionary?

Who is she?

who took Cecilia, ______ weight-loss pills, now realizes that health is important. whose Cecilia, _______ body is thin, still wants to lose some weight (减肥).

限制性定语从句与先行词之间不用逗号 隔开; 非限制性定语从句与先行词之间一般用 逗号隔开。
My cousin whose father is a teacher wants to be an actor.

My cousin , whose father is a teacher , wants to be an actor.

1. A. This is the place where I lived ten years ago. B. She is going to spend the winter holiday in Macao, which returned to China in 1999. 2. A. He is a man who I can ask for help. B. His father, who works in Beijing, came back yesterday.
限制性定语从句和先行词关系密切,如果去掉 从句,主句意思往往不明确;非限制性定语 从句只是先行词的补充或说明,去掉它也不


Example 3
1. This is the house (which/ that )we bought last month. 这是我们上个月买的那幢房子。

2. The house, which we bought last month, is very nice. 这房子很漂亮,是我们上个月买的。


His father, who works in Beijing, came back yesterday. Shanghai, which is in East China, is developing rapidly.

当先行词是地名人名、世界上独一 无二的事物或家庭唯一成员时,通 常用非限制性定语从句。

? He is from America,which I know from his accent. ? He missed the show,which was a great pity.
先行词为整个句子的时候,通常用 which引导的非限制性定语从句。

非限制性定语从句中通常使用 下列关系代词和副词 关系代词:which / who / whom /

whose / as
关系副词:when / where

注意:非限制性定语从句中不用 关系词that;非限制性定语从句 中关系词不能省略


Fill in the blanks with proper relative words.

1. The famous basketball star, ____ who is an American, came to China yesterday. 2. In those days, she used to go to Mr black,with whom _____ she had a wonderful time. 3. I bought a car yesterday, which _____ cost me a lot.

4. He will come to see me next July, when _____ he won’t be so busy. 5. The school, where _____ I once studied, was built thir

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