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Unit 7 Living Together

Lesson 28 Everybody danced and sang with him.(1)

Work in pairs and take turns to ask your partner’s strengths and weaknesses.
A: What are your strengths? B: I always have confidence in myself. A: What are your weaknesses? B: I’m not brave enough to speak in public.

The winter vacation was just over. What did you do?

In groups, answer the questions.
1.Have you ever been to a summer camp or winter camp? Did you enjoy yourself? 2.Have you ever stayed with another family? How did you feel?

1.What can you see in the pictures? 2. Where are they? The Temple of
the Statue of Liberty Heaven

in the United Stated

in China

in the summer camp

3. Are they a family? 4.Why does the girl stay with them? →homestay n. 寄宿在当地居民家中

label the pictures with the captions. (Ex.1.2)
Homestay in the United States Homestay in China

Summer camp


Q: How letters can you read ? How didmany you get the answers? Q: Who wrote the letters? Homestay in the United States 1

○ ○

○ ○

Homestay in China


Summer camp

Read Letter1 and answer the following questions

Homestay in China

Q1: Who is Jennifer staying with? Q2: Where did Jennifer go on the Mid-Autumn Festival? Q3: What did they see? Q4: What’s Jennifer’s feeling in Beijing ? Q5: Why isn’t she used to the food here?

Q1: Who is Jennifer staying with? She is staying with a Chinese family. Q2: Where did they go on the Mid-Autumn? They went to the Temple of Heaven.

Q3: What did they see? They saw many people everywhere. Q4: What’s Jennifer’s feeling? The Chinese friends are very kind to her.
But she isn’t used to the food here.

Q5: Why isn’t she used to the food here? It’s a little hot.

Read Letter2 and fill in the form.


Summer camp

Time Last Friday Every morning

What did Qiang do? He arrived here.

He did exercises for two hours. He ran and played basketball,

In the afternoon He went swimming.

3. Read Letter3 and match the names with the phrases hold
Tommy’s parents

held helda party to welcome me


Tommy Tim
Stephanie Yin

invited many of his classmates and friends played the piano
sang one song after another gave me a present bought so much food put the gift on his desk

Tommy’s parents held a party to welcome me hold 举行;

a party a meeting a sports meeting hold the flowers hold your hand hold the handles hold the wheel in both hands

拿着, 握着

Why wasn’t there enough room in the fridge? fridge
空间;余地, A. Because the fridge was very small.

B. Because Tommy’s parents bought so ○ much food..

Why did they look at Yin strangely? strange + ly 奇怪地 A. Because he said “thank you” and put the present on his desk carefully. B. Because he opened the present in front of them. Do you know Why?

1.4 Read the letters and underline the false statements.
? Tommy’s parents held a party for Yin. ? People in the United States don’t open gifts i

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