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Hi,Amy.This is ZhangPeng.

Hi,ZhangPeng.Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you ,too.

Where are you from?

I’m from Shangdong.

2、Good morning,Miss White.

Good morning,Amy.Who’s that man? He’s my father.

Who’that woman?

She’s my mother.

Is he your brother?

No,he isn’t. He is my friend,Jack. Where are you from?

I’m from the USA.

3、Good morning,Amy.

Good morning,ChenJie.

Who’ that girl?

She’my friend,WangTong.

Hello,WangTong.This is my friend,Amy. Nice to meet you,Amy.

Nice to meet you ,too.

You’re so tall.

Yes,I like sports.

Me too.Let’ play.


4、Good morning,boys and girls. Good morning,Miss White. We have a new friend today. Hi,I’m Mike. I’m from Canada. Welcome.

Thank you.

5、Let’s go home.


Where is my pen?

It’s in your desk.

Yes.Where is my eraser ? It’s under your book. Silly me! Thanks!

6、Mum! Where is my cap? Is it in your toy box? No,it isn’t.

Look! It’s on the chair. Thanks,Mum.Bye!

Bye! Have a good time!

7、Have some strawberries!

Thanks!And I like grapes,too. OK.Here you are.


Do you like bananas?

No,I don’t. Can I have some watermelons? Sure.Here you are.

Thank you !

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