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一、语序(陈述) 二、引导词(三种) 三、时态(主 从句)

一.宾语从句必须用陈述语序 1.陈述句结构叫陈述语序

2 疑问句结构叫疑问语序

将下列一般问句改成陈述句语序: (主语﹢谓语) 1.Is there a bank near here?
There is a bank near here.

2.Was it on the fifth floor? It was on the fifth floor . 3.Are they doing homework? They are doing homework.

4.Does she work in a hospital? she works…… 5.Did you go to Center Park? you went…… 6.Do we have to wear a uniform? we have to……
7.Can we wear hats in school? we can wear……


引导的宾语从句(无词义 可省略)

He said (

) he wanted to stay at home.

I am sure (


) he will succeed.

用以下开头与下列句子连成宾语从句: 1. I know … 2. She says … 3. Tell your friend …

1.This is a book. 2.You like singing. 3.He worked last night. 4.They will go home. 5.Jim has been to Beijing. 6.She sings well.

2. 由 If/whether 引导的宾语从句, 其在句中的意思是“是否”。从句 中用 语序 : 陈述
I want to know If/whether

He asked me


he lives there. I could help him.

用以下开头与下列句子连成宾语从句: 1.Do you know … 2.I wonder/want to know … 3.The teacher asks ?
1.Is he reading ? 2.Do you get up at six? 3.Does Tom work hard? 4.Did you watch TV ? 5.Will they read books ? 6.Can you sing ?


宾语从句引导词只用whether不用if的特殊情况 whether 1)They were thinking about ____ (是否 )they would go there. whether 2) I don’t know ________( 是否)she can help me or not. whether 3) She can’t decide ______(是否)to go there on foot.

3. 由连接代词who, whom, whose, what, which 和连接副词when, where, why, how引导的宾语 从句。这些连接代词和连接副词在宾语从句中 充当某个成分。从句中 陈述 语序。 Do you know who (whom) they are waiting for? He asked whose handwriting was the best. Can you tell me where the No.3 bus stop is? I don’t know why the train is late.

1.She said: “I like English very much.” She said ( that ) she liked English very much.

2.The teacher asked: “Do you like English?”
The teacher asked ( if/whether ) I liked English. 3.Mike asked: “When will our plane land?” Mike asked (when) our plane would land 4.Mary asked me: “How long have you stayed in China?” Mary asked me(how )(long ) I had stayed in China. .

用以下开头与下列句子连成宾语句: 1.Do you know … 2.I want to know … 3. Can you tell me … 4. The man asked …

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What is this ? What are you doing ? Where do you live ? When does he get up ? How did you go to work? Who will you play with?


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