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一、单项选择(每小题1 分 ,共 15分)

( )1.---________? --I have a headache.

A What’s the matter? B Where are you ?

C Who are you ? D What are you doing ?

( )2 .We shouldn’t eat ________ junk food .

A too many B too much C many too D much too

( )3. We all feel _____ after hearing of the ______ news.

A. excited, excited B. exciting, exciting C. excited, exciting D. exciting, excited ( )4. If you___a new idea, please call me as soon as possible.

A. keep up with B. catch up with C. feed up with D. come up with

( )5.Open your _____ and say “Ah”.

A. nose B. mouth C. eye D. hand

( )6. His duty is to ________food to hungry people at the food bank.

A. work out B. give out C. take out D. put out

( )7. Would you please give me _____?

A. an advice B. some advices C. some advice D. any advice

( )8.Last night, we saw a dog ________on the ground and were very afraid.

A. lies B. to lie C. lied D. lying

( )9. Her son _______ Coke(可乐), but now he ________ milk.

A. used to drink ; is used to drinking B. used to drinking ; drinks

C. is used to drinking ; used to drink D. used to drinking ; drank

( )10.They _______ visit Beijing this summer vacation.

A. decision to B. decide to C. make a decide to D. make a decision

( )11.We’re ___________ time. Be quick!

A. run out of B. running out C. running out of D. run out

( )12.Sam ___________ and hurt his foot.

A fall down B fell down C falls down D felt down

( )13.His right leg was hurt badly. The doctors ___________.

A cut it off B cut them off C cut off it D cut off them

( )14. They plan to ________a food bank to help homeless people.

A. set off B. set out C. set in D. set up

( )15. Your daughter is badly ill now. Yes, She shouldn’t put off ____to see the doctor.

A. go B. went C. going D. to go

二 、完形填空 (共 10分)

We live in computer age (时代). People scientists, teachers, writers and even students use computers to do all kinds of work. But more than 30 years ago, couldn't 1

do much. They were very big and expensive. Very people were interested in them and knew how to use them. Today computers are smaller and . But they can do a lot of work; many people like to use them. Some people have them at home. Computers become very important because they can work than people and make fewer mistakes. Computers can people do a lot of work. Writers now use computers to . Teachers use them to help teaching. Students use them to . Computers can also remember what you them. Computers are very useful and helpful. They are our friends. Do you want to have a computer?

( ) 1. A. like B. as C. and D. with

( ) 2. A. students B. scientists C. teachers D. computers

( ) 3. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( ) 4. A. cheap B. cheaper C. more expensive D. expensive

( ) 5. A. even B. still C. already D. Yet

( ) 6. A. fast B. faster C. slow D. slower

( ) 7. A. help B. make C. stop D. use

( ) 8. A. write B. play C. study D. Learn

( ) 9. A. sing B. study C. dance D. watch

( ) 10. A. put in B. put on C. put into D. put up

三、阅读理解(每小题2 分 ,共 40分)


It’s important for us to be healthy. But how can we keep healthy? First,you should eat fruit and vegetables three or four times a week. Then eat some tofu every day because it’s good for people, both the young and the old. Milk is also necessary(必要的),especially for women. So you should have milk twice a day. It can help you to be strong. Next, doing more exercise is better. You can do morning exercises or evening exercises. After supper you should take a walk.

( )1. You should eat_______ three or four times a week.

A. fruit and fish B. vegetables and mutton C. tofu D. fruit and vegetables

( )2. Tofu is good for ______.

A. young people B. old people C. young and old people D. students


( )3. Why do people have milk?

A. It’s delicious. B. It’s a kind of drink.C. It’s bad for you. D. It can help you keep strong.

( A. four times a day B. five times a week C. twice a day D. twice a week

( )5. The passage mainly tells us__________.

A. how to keep healthy B. what health is

C. why health is important D. how often you can eat tofu


Do you know the story about Vince? It was a true story. Vince was an English boy and he was eight years old. He didn't like soap or water. Three or four times a day his mother said to him, “Vince, your hands are very dirty again.” Go and wash them. ” But Vince never washed them well. He only put his hands in the water for a few seconds and then took them out again.

Vince’s uncle and aunt lived in another city. One day they came to stay with Vince’s parents, and they brought their small son, Toby, with them. Toby was seven years old and he didn’t like soap or water, either.

The boys sat with their parents for a few minutes and then they went outside. When they were playing, Vince looked at Toby's hands and then went back to Toby’s parents and said proudly (骄傲地), “Toby’s hands are dirtier than mine, ”

“Of course they are,”Toby said angrily. “You are one year older than I am, ”

( )6. Vince’s mother asked him to______three or four times a day.

A. wash his hands B. do his homework C. clean his bedroom D. wash his teeth

( )7.When Vince saw Toby’s hands, he felt ________.

A.sorry B. proud C. sad D. terrible

( )8.Vince’s hands were a little______than Toby’s.

A. dirtier B. cleaner C. bigger D. smaller

( )9.From the story we know that_______ .

A. Vince liked soap and water, but Toby didn’t B.Toby liked soap and water,but Vince didn’t

C. Vince and Toby liked soap and water D.Vince and Toby didn’t like soap or water

( )10. How many people are there in the story? A. Four. B. Five. C. Six. D. Seven,



When I was about 12,指出)my problems. I was too thin;I wasn’t a good student;I talked too much;I was too proud (骄傲),and so on. At last,I became very angry and ran to my father.

He listened to me quietly. Then he asked, “Are these things true or not? Do you know what you are really like? Go and make a list of what she said and find the things that are true. ”

I did as he told me. To my great surprise, I discovered (发现)that about half of the things were true. Some of them I couldn’t change (like being very thin). But there were things I could and wanted to change. For the first time, I got a clear picture of myself.

I brought the list back to Dad. He didn’t take it, “That’s just for you,” he said “You know the truth (真相)about yourself better than anyone else. When people say something that is true about you,you should find it helpful. ’

Our world is full of people who think they know your matter. Don’t be angry and feel hurt. Listen to them.


( )11.I was angry because a girl in my class pointed out my problems.

( )12.My father wasn’t interested in what I said.

( )13.I found that about half of the things the girl said were true.

( )14.I was very proud so I didn’t want to change at all.

( 无论 )what people say? you should think it helpful.


When you are ill, you’ll be unhappy because your body become hot, and there are pains all over.You don’t want to work: you stay in bed,feeling terrible.

What makes you ill? It’s germs(细菌).Germs are everywhere. They are very small and you can’t see them with your eyes, but you can see them with a microscope. They are very small and there could be hundreds of them on or in a very small thing.

Germs are always found in dirty water. When you look at dirty water under the microscope , you will see them in it. So your parents will not let you drink dirty water .

Germs are found not only in dirty water, they are also found in air and dust(灰尘). If you cut your finger, and if some of the dust goes into the finger, it will become big and red, and you will have some pain in it. Sometimes germs will go into your body and you will feel pain 4


( )16. The writer thinks that you will ____ when you are ill.

A.feel hot B. not want to work C. not feel happy D. A,B and C

( )17. You can see germs ____

A .when you are ill B. only when you use a microscope

C. when you cut your finger D. everywhere around you

( A. making very big things look much smaller B. making very small things look much bigger

C. helping you see things clearly D. killing germs

( )19. Your parents don’t let you drink dirty water because ____

A .water will make you B. there are many germs in it

C. you can see germs in it D. it will make your finger become big and red

( )20. The writer talk about ____ A. how to make dirty water clean B. how to take care of your fingers

C. how find germs D. what makes you ill

四 .补全对话(每小题2分,共10分)


Lary: I don’t feel well.

Doctor: 2._____________ Please take off your shirt and lie down on the bed.

Lary:Yes, doctor. Doctor: Well, 3._____________ . Do you take much exercise? Lary: No, doctor. I never have any time for exercise.

Doctor: 4._____________ Lary:Very badly, doctor. Can you give me some medicine to help me sleep.

Doctor: Yes, I can, but I’m not going to. You don’t need medicine. Just take more exercise. Lary: You’re right, doctor. 5._____________ Thanks for your advice.

Doctor: You’re welcome. I hope you’ll be better soon.



1. 我们可以帮助打扫城市公园。We could help to


2 .艾伦习惯冒险。3.他需要立刻去看牙医。 4.你应该回家好好休息。a good rest.

5.辛迪像她妈妈。 6.吉米已经把钱用完了。 7.我愿意帮助无家可归的人。I’people.

8.我们不能推迟知道计划了。We can’ making a plan.









一. 单项选择

1—5 ABCDB 6—10 BCDAB 11—15 CBADC


1~5 ADABA 6~10 BAABC







1.clean up


3.to go

4.should have

5.takes after

6.run out of


8.put off


Dear Nick :

I am really sorry to hear that you are ill. I think you should see a doctor and take some medicine, and then you’ll be well soon. I think you should take more exercise to keep healthy ,and you have to do some outdoor activities such as playing basketball or soccer

ball ,every day you should go to bed and get up early ,you also have to pay attention to your lifestyle ,you shouldn't work so hard and you shouldn't stay up too late , you should drink lots of water instead of coffee ,I hope you will get well soon.I am looking forward to hear from you soon




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