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1.建筑物,楼房________________ 2.单独地,孤独地________________

3.穿衣 ________________ 4.科学家________________

5.地震 ________________ 6.不可能的________________

7.失败 ________________ 8.自由________________

9.争论,争吵 ________________ 10.包括,包含________________ 用所给单词的适当形式填空:

1.there was an___________(argue) happened between tom and jack last night.

2.You are wrong, and i____________(agree) with you.

3.The people in Iraq keep fighting for their own___________(free).

4.The teenagers have to work hard because of the _________(press) from their parents.

5. I _________(buy) a gift for my mother yesterday.. 二.重点词组

1) 爱上(某人和某物)____________________________

2) 与...同样____________________________________

3) 不让… 进入________________________________

4) 和某人相处得好______________________________

5) 实现 ____________________________________

6) 不时髦的,过时的____________________________

7) 时髦的,流行的______________________________






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三. 句型转换:

1.Cities will be very big and crowded.(改为一般疑问句,并做肯定回答) _____________________________________________________

2.Please telephone her tomorrow morning.(改为同义句)


3.People will have robots in their homes.(改为否定句)


4.There will be fewer cars and more buses in big cities in the future.(改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答)



( ) 1We can see ______ stars at night if there are no clouds in the sky.

A thousand of B thousands of C a thousand

( ) 2She doesn’t want to talk ______it ______the phone.

A. over, about B. with, on C. about, on D. to, over

( )3 The students found ________ difficult to work out the maths problems .

A that B it C one D this

( ) 4 Tell your friend _______buy the same clothes as you do.

A. don’t B. not C. not to D. don’t to

( )5 There will be even_______ pressure in 10 years.

A. little B. few C. more D. Fewer



____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________

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____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________ 现在完成的基本结构:____________________________________




____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________ 现在完成时巩固练习: 1.(2012湖南郴州中考,28)Both Alice and I ______ the film Titanic before.

A.have seen B.has seen C.sees

2.(2012湖南衡阳中考,25)Our math teacher ______ in our school for 20 years and he ______ here when he was 25 years old.

A.taught;comes B.taught;came C.has taught;came

3.(2012湖南株洲中考,30)—Have you ever been to Shanghai?

—Yes.I ______ there with my father last year.

A.went B.have been C.have gone

4.(2012 贵州遵义中考,35)My father______ on business for two weeks.He'll return in three days.

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4 A.has been away B.left C.has left

5.(2012四川凉山中考,30)—What do you think of Sanya?

—Oh,it's a beautiful city,I ______there for several times.

A.have been B.have been to C.have gone to

6.—Where is Ben?

—He ______ to the teachers' office.He will be back soon.

A.go B.has gone C.has been

7.Great changes ______ in Tongren in the past five years.

A.have happened B.have taken place C.have been taken place

8.Five years ago nobody knew him,although he ______ more than 100 songs.

A.already wrote B.have already written C.had already written

9.When I got to school,Amy ______his homework.

A.had invented B.had finished C.had developed

10. By the end of last term we______English for two years.

A. have studied B. have been studied C. would studied D. had studied

11.Mrs Brown______in New York for three years before she went to London.

A. lived B. had lived C. has lived D. will live

12.When we arrived , the dinner______.

A. already began B. has already begun C. had already begun D. was just begun

13.—How long has Sam been skating?

—He ______ for five hours.

A.skated B.has been skating C.was skating

14.You are too late.The film ______ since half an hour ago.

A.has begun B.has been on C.began

15.I ______ my hometown for a long time.I really miss it!

A.have been away from B.went away from C.have left

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