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八年级英语上unit9 When was he born

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Unit 9 When was he born?

Language goal:
Talk about famous people

Teaching Importance:
1.too…to… 2. start doing sth….




Task 1 Make the conversation
Pictures Name Job
Birthday How


long Zhang table tennis Yining player

1982. 16 1988 10 years 1976. 16 1988 9 years 1980. 10 1994 6 years

soccer player tennis player


1.Who’s that? 2.When was he/she born? 3.How long did he/she play…? 4.When did he/she start playing…?

Read this article
You are never too young to start doing things. For example, Shirley Temple was a movie star when she was only three years old. Mei Lanfang first performed Beijing Opera when he was ten. And Liu Xuan, the Chinese gymnast, won a gold medal at the World Championships when she was seventeen.

Name Tiger Woods Shirley Temple Mozart
Mei Lanfang Ronaldo


Achievement Age



10 months old

movie star making movie 3 years old musician writing music 4 years old
Beijing Opera performing actor Beijing Opera soccer player played for national team World Championships gold medal

10 years old 17 years old

Liu xuan


17 years old

Task 2 Write an article to introduce yourself.

My name is Tom. I was born in 1980. When I was six years old, I went to school. I loved drawing very much. So when I was seven, I started learning drawing. When I was eleven years old, I went to Middle School. I loved English very much. So I became an English teacher.

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