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初中英语 The 10th Day

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The 10th Day

When two English people meet,their first words will be "How do you do?"or "How are you?"And after those words, they often talk about the weather.
If the day is fine, the sun is shining brightly, and there is no cloud in the sky,one of them will say,"It is a lovely day,isn't it?" or" It is warm today ,isn't it?"The other one will say," Yes, it is as warm as it was yesterday!" or" It's nice weather we are having.I hope it will keep fine."
If the day isn't fine and it looks like rain, one of them will say ,"It isn't warm today,is it?" And the other one will say,"No, it isn't. I think we are going to have some more rain."
Why do people like to talk about the weather?
What is the weather like in England?
In spring:Mild(温和的),dryand sunny.Rainy,cloudy and warm.
In summer:Dry ,cloudy and cool.Rain and showers
In autumn:Dry,sunny.Fog early and late
In winter:Strong winds,heavy rain.Snow,cold.
The best seasons are spring and summer.The nearer the summer, the warmer the sun shines.It's warmer.The nearer the winter,the colder the days are.In winter they have all kinds of weather.Sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows heavily,and they also have fog and frost.The two worst month in England are January and February.They have many cold wet days one after another.

一.True or False
1.( )English people often talk about the weather after they greet each other.
2.( )If the day is fine, them will say," It is an awful day,isn't it?"
3.( )If the day isn't fine,them will say,"It isn't warm today,is it?"
4.( )In spring:the weather in England is Mild(温和的),dry and sunny.Rainy,cloudy and warm.
5.( )In summer:Dry,sunny.Fog early and late
6.( )In autumn:Dry ,cloudy and cool.Rain and showers
7.( )In winter:Strong winds,heavy rain.Snow,cold.
8.( )The best seasons are autumn and summer.
9.( )The nearer the summer, the warmer the sun shines.
10.( )The nearer the winter,the colder the days are.
二. Arrange these words in their correct order
1.Why/ people/ to / the weather/?/do/ like/talk about
2. What/ the weather/ like/ in England/?/is
3.The best seasons / spring and summer/./are
4.The nearer/,/ the warmer/ the sun /shines/./the summer
5.The nearer/,/the colder /the days /are/./the winter
6.In winter/ have/ all kinds of weather/./they
7.Sometimes/it/and/sometimes/ it snows/ heavily/./rains
8.they/have/ fog and frost/./also
9.The two worst months/ in England/January and February/./are
10.They/ many /one after another/./cold wet days/have
三.Choose the best answers A , B , C or D
1.When two English people meet,they like to talk about the __ very much.
A.food B. weather c. money D.houses
2.The best seasons in England are__.
A.spring B. summer c.autumn D.both A and B
3.The worst months in England are___.
A.January and February B.March and April
C.May and June. D.July and August.
4.What's the weath

er like in spring in England?
A.Cold and cloudy. B. Wet and cold.
C.Mild,dry and sunny. D.Dry and hot.
5.Which of the following sentences is true?
A.In winter,it blows strongly at times and is foggy.
B.They say "It is a lovely day,isn't it?" to each other at first when two English people meet.
C.In summer,the weather is wet and rainy.
D.In autumn, it isfrosty and dry.

四. Answer the following questions:
1. When two English people meet,what do they often talk about?
2. which seasons are the best in England?
3.Which months are the worst in England?
4.what is the weather like in spring in England?
5.what is the weather like in summer in England?
6.what is the weather like in autumn in England?
7.what is the weather like in winter in England?

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