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Starter Lesson 4 周测试卷

一. 单项选择。(15’) ( ( (

)1. ________ any women in the room?

B. Have

C. Are there

A. Is

)2. —Is that Mrs Black’s coat? —No, it isn’t ________coat. )3. ________ is she? ________ mother is she?

B. Who; Whose C. Whose; Who

B. has

C. is C. Are, these are

)4. The black trousers ________ for my sister.

A. she’s B. her C. hers A. Who; Who (

A. are

( ( ( ( (

A. Is, It’s A. has, are

A. a

( )5. —_______ these your shorts? —No,________Peter’s.

B. Are, They’re

)6. Sally ________ many dresses. But this red one ________ the nicest(最美的).

B. has, is C. there are, are D. there are, is

B. an B. is

C. the

D. have

)7. I can see __________ orange coat in Lily’s bedroom. )8. There ________ a shirt and some socks in the box.

A. has

C. are

C. their

)9. —Are those your CDs? —No, ________ aren’t.

A. them B. they A. does; like B.is;like

)10. ----What________your uncle ___________?--- He wears glasses and he is kind.

C. is, wear

( )11. teachers all like .

A. We, our B. Our, us C. Our, we (

)12. Can I ____ your book?

A. to use B. using C. use

( )13. This is my dog’s ball. ball is red and yellow. A. it B. it’s C. its ( (

)14. your new shoes? They’re white.

A. What is B. What are C. what colour is D. what colour are )15. Look at your books, they are here and there(到处),please_____________.

A. put it away B. to put it away C. put them away D. to put them away


Here ___1____a photo of my ___2____.Look orange sweater. 教) me English. She is a good teacher. a black shirt and

blue trousers. He looks cool. He is 24___11__. He is a___12____in a big hospital. There is a home(家) now. ( ( (

)1. A. am )3. A. in

B. is B. mother B. at B. /

C. are C. sister C. for C. an C. Her C. too C.Who C. year C. farmer C. bike C. for

D. be D. friend D. out D. the D. Miss Li D. Her’s D. either D. sees D.Whose D. put on D. years old D. cook D. plane D. What D. of

)2. A. teacher

( )4. A. a

( )5. A. Teacher Li B. Mr Li ( )6. A. She ( )7. A. to ( )8. A. look ( )9. A. What ( ( ( ( (


)10. A. wear

B. She’s B. also B. see B. wears B. doctor B. Its

C. Li Miss

C. looks

B. How old

B. year old

C. wearing

)11. A. old )12. A. teacher )14. A.It’s

)13. A. car B. taxi

B. with

C. It

( )15. A. at

Lily: Whose pen is that under(在…下面) the desk? Is it yours, Lucy? Lucy:Let me see. Oh, no, it’s not mine. Mine is black but this one is blue. Lily: Excuse me, Mary. Is this blue pen yours? Mary:Oh, yes. It’s mine.

Lily: Here you are. Put it in your pencil box, please. Mary:OK. Thank you very much. Lily: You’re welcome. (

)1. What’s under the desk? A. A blue pen. A. It’s Lucy’s A. Black. A. Yes, it is.

B. A pencil box. B. It’s Mary’s B. Blue.

C. A black pen. C. It’s Lily’s. C. Green. C. It’s black.

C. In Mary’s pencil box.

( )2. Whose pen is it? ( ( (

)3. What colour is Lucy’s pen?

)4. Is Lucy’s pen the same(相同的)colour as Mary’s?

B. No, it isn’t .

)5. Where is the pen at last(最后钢笔放在哪儿)? A. Under the desk. B. On the desk.



( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (


A. It’s brown.

B. Thank you. C. There are fifty. D. No, there aren’t. E. Yes, they are.

)1. What’s in the box? )2. Whose bike is this?

)3. Here’s your coat, Dad. )5. Is this a reading room? )7. Are those his socks?

)4. What colour are the trousers?

)6. How many students are there in the class? F. Yes, it is.

G. Mr Zhu has one..

I. They are black.

)8. Are there any TVs in the classroom? H. There are some tapes. )9. Who has a computer in your school? )10. what colour is the cap?

J. It’s mine.


1. dress is this? ( who) 2. These are 3. This is not (I)dog. It’s she)dog. 4. Put away. ( they)

it)(it)name is Mimi. 6. —Is this cat ________(Peter)? —Yes, it’s he). ( you )? _(use)your bike?

( wear)a yellow shirt today. cry). 11. Can you help me _(study)English? 13. Here _(be) two maps of China. 14. I can’t 找到)my parents.

(错误的)。 16. Look at Pat, his _________________(短裤)are brown. 17. The man in a ________________(黄色)T-shirt is my uncle.


Policeman: (1)______________________ Woman: I can’t find my dog.

Policeman: (2)_______________________

Woman: (3)____________________And her cap is red.

Policeman: A cap?

Woman: Yes. (4)___________________.

Policeman: OK. A brown dog with a red cap and a red dress.

Woman: (5)__________________________.

Policeman: (6)____________________________.


1. 这些是什么?是爸爸的鞋子。

_______________________________? They are Dad’s shoes.

2. 那些是他们的帽子吗?不,是我们的。

----___________________________________?----No, they are ours.

3. ----你的衬衣是什么颜色?----是白的。

----_________________________________?--- -It’s white.

4. 我能使用你的自行车吗?对不起,它不是我的自行车。

__________________________your bike? Sorry, it’s not my bike.

5. 我狗的球是红绿相间的。

My dog’6. 那是谁的黑色毛衣?

__________________________is that?


He_____________________a brown coat and blue trousers.



____________________________,little kid ?

10. 不要担心 。你妈妈是什么样子?

______________________________.What is your mum like?


1. 我有两张我的同学的照片。

2. 看 Simon, 他又高又壮,他的衬衣是白色的,他的裤子是蓝色的,他看起来很酷。

3. Lily 很漂亮,她穿着一件橙色的毛衣,她的裙子是黑白相间的。

4. 他们聪明而友好,我们是好朋友。

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