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用“used to do” 讨论你的兴 趣爱好。

Do you like collecting many things such as letters, poems, pictures and other things on a kind of a special book? Have

you done this before?

1. friendship n. 友谊,朋友关系 a close friendship 亲密的友谊 2. funny adj. 滑稽的,好笑的 e.g. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. 那是我听过的最滑稽可笑的事。 fun n. 乐趣,享乐的事 adj. 逗乐的,有趣的,快乐的



而 fun则主要指“有趣,好玩”,不像


e.g. It is more fun to go with someone
than to go alone.

It’s funny to see a man walk with his hands and head. 看见一个人倒立走路很滑稽。

3. stupid adj. 糊涂的,愚蠢的 e.g. I was stupid enough to believe him. 我可真够糊涂的,竟然相信他的 话。 4. ugly adj. 丑陋的,难看的 e.g. an ugly face 一张难看的脸 5. lazy adj. 懒散的,懒惰的 e.g. He was not stupid, just lazy. 他不笨,只是懒。

6. glue n. 胶,胶水 v. 粘合,粘贴 e.g. She glued the label onto the box. 她把标签贴在箱子上。 7. scissors n. 剪刀 a pair of scissors 一把剪刀

8. stick v. 粘贴,粘住 e.g. He stuck a stamp on the envelope. 他把一张邮票贴到信封上。

9. background n. 出身背景,学历; (事态发展等的)背景;背景,后景 e.g. The job would suit someone with a business background. 这个工作适合有商务经验的人。 the historical background to the war 这场战争的历史背景 a photograph with trees in the background 以树木为远景的照片

Practice the dialogue in pairs.
A: What did you like doing in the past? B: I used to go fishing. A: Why did you like that? B: Because I think when you are fishing, you need to stay calm. And I think that will be good for me to improve my character.

A: Oh, yes. You are right. Maybe I will have a try this weekend. B: Yeah, that’s a good idea. A: But what is your hobby now? B: Well, I’m interested in keeping pets now. A: Do you still think keeping pets can improve your character? B: Yes, of course. I think so.

What do people’s hobbies bring? ? It can make us relax. ? It can teach us a lot. ? It also brings us friendship. ? It gives us great joy. ? It brings us happiness.

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