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一般现在时、一般过去时、现在进行时综合练习 该

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___ (run) there now.

2.-I _______ up at half past six this morning. (get )-My father always _______(come) back from work very late.

________(sing) there.

5.They _______________ a meeting yesterday. ( not have)

____ ( have) any color pens? -Sorry, I don’t have any.

7.She likes eggs, but she _____________ (not like) bread.

8.My mother __________ (tell) me a story every night.

9.-- How much meat ________ you _______ (want) ? -- A kilo, please.

10.Someone ______ (be) in the next room. 11.There _____ (be) a pen and two erasers in the pencil- box.

12.You must _______ (get) here at two this afternoon. 13.The twins _________ thirteen two years ago. (be)

14.Where ________ her friend __________ (swim) now, do you know?

15.We must __________ (help ) the teacher carry it.

16.Who __________ (teach) you English in your school?

17.The teacher is busy. He only __________ (sleep) five hours a day.

18.Look! The bus ____________________ (come).

19.Near our school there _________ (be) a shop, it _________ (sell) a lot of books.

20.She __________ (go) to school from Monday to Friday. 21.What _______ he _________ (like)?

22.He __________ (teach) English in a middle school. 23.She always ________ (do) your homework well.

24.--What ________ she ___________ (do)? --She ________________ (clean) her room now.

25.Look at the man. He __________________ (drink) tea. 26.He can ___________ (sing) this song.

27.Let’s ___________ ( help ) my mother ___________ (cook).

28.I think Li Lei must ______________ (be) at school.

29.There __________ (be) some bread and meat on the table. 30.Listen! She __________ (sing) an English song.

31.Liu Ying _____________ (study) in Beijing these days. 32.They _________________ (clean) the floor now.

33.Look! He ___________ (drink) tea. 34.Han Meimei often ____________ (play) games after school.

35.Lily ________ (be) a Young Pioneer. 36.The day before yesterday they _________ (watch) a volleyball match.

37.What __________ the girls __________ (do) over there now?

38.-She _________(not visit) her aunt last weekend. She _______ (stay) at home and ______(do) some cleaning.

39.When ________ you _________(write) this song? I __________(write) it two years ago.

40._______ your sister ________ (know) English? 41.Where _______ your pen pal ______ (come ) from?

42.The boy is ___________ (watch) TV at home. 43. Su Hai ________ (have) eight lessons this term.

44.Today the girls ____________ (wear) new clothes. 45._______ ( be ) you sitting and drinking tea?

46.One of the people __________ (be) singing. 47.What are they doing? They _____________ (clean) the room.

48.--_______ (be) there any cups of tea? --No, there _________ (be) not any.

49.Look! Lucy with Lily ____________ (fly) a kite. 50.I can ___________ (speak) Chinese and English.

51.How _________ you _________ (do) ? 52.She ____________ (look) like her mother.

53.I ___________ (not) think so. 54.My friends _____________ (play) cards now.

55.Listen! Who ___________ (sing) in the classroom? 56.Jim ___________ (have) a good friend.

57.Where ______ (do) your friend come from? 58. We practice __________ (speak) English every morning.

59. I _________ (have) an exciting party last night. 60. She ___________ (live) in the city.

61. Mary enjoyed __________ (have) a party. 62.Class One _________ (have) a map of China.

63. Mr Green ___________ (teach) them English every day. 64.The little girl __________ (have) a round face.

65. He can’t ________ (go) there with us. 66.I can’t _____________ (play) the piano.

67.The music __________ (sound) very great. 68.She _______________ (not like) opera.

69.Tom often _____________ (sing ) Japanese songs. 70.Jack and I often __________ ( swim) in the river.

71. What ______ she _______ (do) on weekends? 72. My cousin ________ (walk) to school every day.

73. I ________ (make) a model ship with Mike yesterday.74. They ____________ (not water) the flowers now.

75. --______ Helen ____________ (wash) clothes? --Yes, she is.

76. Liu Tao ____________ (fly) kites in the playground yesterday.

77. They _________ (leave) Hong Kong three days ago. 4. Nick ___________(not go) to the zoo on Sunday.

78. --What day _______ (be) it today? –It’s Saturday.

79. My father always __________(come) back from work very late.

80. Where __________ you __________ (have) lunch every day?

81. The girl __________(like) wearing a skirt. Look! She __________(wear) a red skirt today.

82. --What are you _________(do) now? --I ___________(eat) bread.

83. It’s nine o’clock. My father_______________(work) in the office.

84. Look, the boy______________(put) the rubbish into the bin.

85. --________ he ____________(clean) the classroom? --No, he isn’t. He____________(play).

86. --Where is Mak? --He___________(run) on the grass.

87. I _________ (have) an exciting party last weekend.

88. --_________ she _________(practice) her guitar yesterday? --No, she _________.

89. I _________ (can) speak English when I was three years old.

90. My friend, Carol, ________(study) for the math test and ________(practice) English last night.

1. There __________(be) some water in the glass.

2. There ________(are) five books on the desk a moment ago(刚才).

2. Daniel and Tommy _______(be) in Class One.

8. The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays.

3. Mike didn’t ________(finish) his homework yesterday.

1. He often ________(have) dinner at home.

2. Daniel and Tommy _______(be) in Class One.

3. We _______(not watch) TV on Monday.

4. Nick _______(not go) to the zoo on Sunday.

5. ______ they ________(like) the World Cup?

6. What _______they often _______(do) on Saturdays?

7. _______ your parents _______(read) newspapers every day?

8. The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays.

9. She and I ________(take) a walk together every evening.

10. There ________(be) some water in the bottle.

11. Mike _______(like) cooking.

12. They _______(have) the same hobby.

13. My aunt _______(look) after her baby carefully.

14. You always _______(do) your homework well.

15. I _______(be) ill. I’m staying in bed.

1. Tom and Mary ___________ (come) to China last month.

2. Mike _________________(not go) to bed until 12 o'clock last night.

So he ______ (get) up late.

3. Mary __________ (read) English yesterday morning.

4. Tom ___________ (begin) to learn Chinese last year.

5. My mother ________________ (not do) housework yesterday.

6. There ____________ a telephone call for you just now. (be)

7. -When _______ you ________ (come) to china? -Last year.

8. _________ (be) it cold in your city yesterday?

9. How many people _______ (be) there in your class last term?

10.He __________(go) to school at nine yesterday .

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