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A Great Weekend

Last weekend I had a great time.

On Saturday morning, I visited the museum. I learned lots of things about history. After lunch, I went to a park and flew a kite with my brother. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. the weather was too hot. Later, we went swimming in the swimming pool. That is because the weather was too hot and we didn’t want to do anything in the sun.

On Sunday, I went out and did some shopping alone. After that, I saw a film with my friends. It was wonderful.

That was a great weekend, isn’t it? I enjoyed it a lot.

A Colourful Weekend

Last weekend I had two busy but colourful days.

On the first day, I visited the museum with my friends. I’m sure that it can help me improve my history. It was sunny, so we flew a kite in the park which is near the museum. After having lunch outside with my friends, I stayed at home and my homework.

The next day, I went shopping early in the morning first. Then I saw a film with my parents. In the afternoon, we went to my grandparents’ home. The country was so beautiful that I took photos everywhere.

What a colourful weekend! I really enjoyed it!

Hi, Grandma! Here I am in Kunming. My friend Daming picked me up as soon as I got off the plane on Tuesday morning. I was so excited that I began the tour in the afternoon without rest. We visited the History Museum first. There were many old things and I was very interested in them. Daming told me a lot about Chinese history, so I could learn more about China.

The next day, we went to climb mountains. After climbing the highest one, I felt very tired so we went back early and relaxed at home.

Yesterday, we went out for lunch. The Chinese restaurant was so crowded that I had to eat fast food, although I really wanted to try the Chinese food.

I’m going boating today. It’s time to go now.

See you soon.

Love, Betty

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