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Welcome! You don’t say where you’re from, but compared to other countries I’ve visited, here are a few quirks:

★Americans love “excuse me.” If we knock into someone, step in front of him or accidentally invade(侵犯)his space. Many people say “excuse me”, which are the first English words we learn.

★Most Americans speak only one language. If you are talking to someone together with an American, they like it if you turn to English so they can hear the conversation as well. They just aren’t used to people speaking other than English.

★Americans like to shake hands. Many other cultures do not. Just be ready for it, we do it as a matter of course. Officially a woman has the choice of shaking hands or not, but typically in business circles, women do so.

★Americans also like to keep personal space――watch carefully and see about how far Americans stand when talking to each other. They don’t want people too close.

★Americans are not good at understanding other cultures――we don’t have much experience. For example, you can often see us Americans stay somewhere with the bottom of our feet to someone. We think nothing of doing so. If we are rude(无礼的),most of the time it’s just an accident. most of the time we aren’t too bad.

( )1. Where can we see this passage?

A. In a letter to a close friend.

B. In an advertisement.

C.On an ask-and-answer website.

D.In a letter to an American.

( )2. Which is true according to the passage?

A.Most Americans know a foreign language.

B. No matter what you do, you should first say “Excuse me”.

C. American women seldom shake hands with men.

D. Americans are used to foreigners speaking English.

( )3. When Americans have a talk, they .

A. look at each other carefully

B. stand far away

C.stand a bit away

D.stand too close

( )4.What do Americans think of the act “staying with the bottom of their feet to


A. Rude. B. Polite. C.Strange. D. Common.

( )5. What does the underlined word “boorish” mean?

A. Rude.

答案:ADCDA B. Polite. C.Serious. D.Proud.

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