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2014年春 七年级开学调查英语试卷

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2014年春 晓坝镇学校七年级开学调查英语试卷 班级____________ 姓名____________ 学号____________ 总分____________

第一部分 听力 (满分20分)

第一节、听音选图(共5小题,每小题 1 分,共 5 分)












第二节、情境反应(共5小题,每小题 1 分,共 5 分)


C 三个选项中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。每个句子读两遍。

6. A. I’m fine, thank you. B. Good morning, Helen! C. I’m OK.

7. A. Yes, I do.

B. Yes, he does. B. 20 dollars.

C. Yes, she does. C. 4226379 8. A. March.18th.

9. A. Miss Zhang. 10. A. You’re right.

B. Over there. B. Yes, I do.

C. She’s tall. C. That sounds good.

第三节、对话理解(共5小题,每小题1 分,共 5 分)

听下面5段对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出你能回答所提问题的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。每段对话读两遍。 11. A. In the bag.

B. On the bed. B. Fruit and egg. B. Jane’s brother.

C. Under the desk. C. Milk and eggs. C. Paul’s brother.

12. A. Milk and bread. 13. A. Jane.

14. A. Because it’s interesting. B. Because it’s boring. C. Because it’s relaxing. 15. A. Three dollars.

B. Five dollars.

C. Eight dollars.

第四节、短文理解(共5小题,每小题 1分,共 5 分)

听下面一段短文,短文后有五个小题,从题中给的A、B、C三个选项中选出你能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。短文读三遍。 16. How old is Alan? A. 14

B. 13

C. 11

17. What’s Alan’s father? A. A driver 18. Who is Gina? A. Sally’s sister.

B. Alan’s sister.

C. Bob’s sister.

B. A teacher

C. A farmer

19. What grade is Alan in? A. In Grade Seven. B. In Grade Eight. C. In Grade Nine. 20. Are Gina and Alan sister and brother?

A. No, they are twins. B. No, they are brothers. C. Yes, they are.

第二部分 基础知识(满分20分)

第一节、单项填空(共10小题,每小题 1 分,满分10分)

从A、B、C三个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 21. ---- Hi, Tony. is my friend, Jack. ---- Hello, Jack! Nice to meet you. A. That

B. This

C. It C. of; the

22. ---- What’s that English? ---- It’s orange.

A. on; a

B. in; an

23. My keys

A. are A. but

B. is B. and

C. am C. because

24. I like Friday I can go home. is my English book? ---- It’s on the bed. A. What A. Does

B. How B. Are

C. Where C. Do C. cousin C. boring

your friend have a soccer ball? 27. He is my uncle’s son. He’s my.

A. sister A. useful

B. aunt B. free

’t like it. 29. ---- How much is the jacket? ---- A. It’s in August A. Thanks a lot.

B. It’s twenty dollars C. It’s on the sofa B. I’m sorry.

C. Yes, please. I need a schoolbag.

30. ---- Can I help you? ----



Lingling is a Chinese girl. But now in London. She lives and Mr and Mrs Green. They are very nice to her. But they like different(不同的) For breakfast, Mr and Mrs Green like milk, eggs , fruits and some vegetables. Lingling likes milk, eggs and fruits. but she vegetables for breakfast.

Lunch is at one . Mr and Mrs Green have big hamburgers. Lingling doesn’t She thinks they aren’t. She likes some rice. She likes some vegetables. Mr and Mrs Green r.

After dinner, Mr and Mrs Green like an apple. Lingling doesn’t like apples. likes strawberries. 31. A. isn’t 32. A. with

B. is B. at

C. am C. in

33. A. vegetables 34. A. eats

B. sports C. food C. likes C. o’clock C. vegetables C. healthy

B. doesn’t like

35. A. clock B. time B. milk B. like

36. A. hamburgers 37. A. bad

38. A. have 39. A. looking 40. A. She

B. has

C. eats C. playing C. They

B. eating B. He

第三部分 阅读理解(共15小题,满分30分)

( A )

根据短文内容,判断下列句子正误,正确的选(A ) ,错误的选(B),并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。(共5小题,计10分)。

Hello! This is my family. I’m David Green. I’m from England. My family is in Beijing. My father and mother work here. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. I have a sister but no brothers. My sister and I are students of a middle school in Beijing. We love China. My home is very nice. My family has a TV and a computer. My room is big. I have a bed, a desk and two chairs in it. My books are on my desk. I have an MP4 in my bag. There are some pictures on the wall. I like my room and I like these pictures very much.

41. Four people are in David’s family.

42. Mr. and Mrs. Green have a son and a daughter. 43. David’s father works in a school in Beijing. 44. Two chairs and a desk are in David’s room. 45. An MP4 is on David’s desk.

( B )


My name is Paul. I have a good friend at home. Her name is Mimi. She is white and yellow. She is very cute. I like playing with her. She likes fish very much. She likes running in the living-room. Sometimes(有时)she is in her box, I can’t see her. Sometimes I sit on the sofa, she sits with me. In the evening I do my homework in my room. She sleeps on my bed. Do you think she is my good friend?

46. Who likes running in the living-room?

A. Paul

B. Paul’s brother

C. Paul’s cat.

47. What food does Paul’s friend like?

A. Bread B. Fish C. Chicken

48. Sometimes Paul does his homework. Where is his friend?

A. Does the homework B. On the bed C. On the sofa

A. a sofa B. a black cat C. some good friends

50. When does Paul do his homework?

A. In the morning


51. Where are the keys?

A. In the school library

52. Who lost the computer game? A. Liu Hai B. Mike C. John B. In the classroom C. At home B. In the afternoon C. In the evening

53. What is John’s phone number? A. 685-6034

54. What does Tom lost?

A. the school ID card B. a computer game C. watch B. 495-3539 C. 495-6034

55. Who found a watch?

A. Tom B. Mike

C. John

第Ⅱ卷(非选择题,共 30分)

第四部分 写(共四节,满分30分)

第一节、连词成句(共5小题,计5分) 将每小题中的单词组成正确的句子, 答案写在横线上,标点已给出。

56. to meet nice you

57. not those my are friends

58. a he T-shirt does blue have

59. mother’s your is birthday when

60. ping-pong I with play classmate my


阅读下面对话, 根据对话内容提示,完成表格中61--65题的空格。答案填在表格后的横线上。

Ken: Are you OK, Ming?

Ming: No, I’m not. It’s Tuesday and I have biology.

Selina: Why?

Ming: I don’t like biology because it’s boring.

Ken: So, what’s your favorite subject?

Ming: Oh, history! It’s very fun. I love Friday because we have history in the

morning. How about you, Selina?

Selina: Art, I guess. It’s really relaxing.

Ming: When do you have art?

Selina: On Wednesday. How about you, Ken? What’s your favorite subject?

Ken: Science. It’s really interesting. I have science class this afternoon.

61. 62. 63. 64. 65.

第三节、选词填空(共 10小题,每小题 1分,满分 10分)


Dear students,

We have some interesting and fun things for you term. On September 21st, we have a school trip the afternoon. October is a great . On the 12th

and the 15th, we have two ball games, volleyball. School day on October 22nd. art festival. It’s on November 3rd. We have an Englishon December 3rd, we have a sale in the school library.

term! Have a good time!

66. 67. 68. 69. 70.

71. 72. 73. 74. 75.



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