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英语七年级下册 Units 1考试

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遂宁中学初2016届七下Units 1-4 课本知识点检测100题


1. I like playing _______chess. I don’t like to play _______violin.

A. /, the B. the, a C. /, / D the,/

2. My sister wants _________ the swimming club.

A. to joins B. join C. to join D joining

3. I always help my sister_______ her history.

A. to B. with C. for D of

4. My friend Lisa is good at __________.

A. sing B. to sing C. singing D sings

5. She is a _________ musician; she can play music very _____.

A. well, good B. much, well C. good, well D bad, good

6. --- Can you play the drums? A. Yes,I do B. No, I don’t C. Yes,I can D. No, I can’t

? ---No problem.

A. dancing B. to dance C. dances D dance

8. We want some singers______ our school show.

A. for B. at C. with D to

9. Maybe he can ______ in the basketball team.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

10. He is funny. He likes__________ stories.

A. talking B. telling C. saying D speaking

11. My brother likes to join the ___________.

A. tell story club B. telling story club

C. story telling club D. stories telling club

12. ________ like to go swimming ________ summer.

A.Children, in B.Children, on C.A child, on D.A child, in

13.--- Can I help you?(我自己).

A. Yes,please. B. Sorry. C. Very good. D. No,thanks.

14. A: _________ do you join the club? B: Because I like music.

A. What B. Where C. Why D How

15. ---Can you _______ Chinese? ---No, I can’t.

A. say B. speak C. talk D tell

16.---Can he ________ it in English? ---Yes, he can.

A.speak B.speaks C. say D, talk

17.Please call me ________ 8989766.

A.in B.at C.about D.with

18.---Are you good ____ the kids? ---Yes, I am always friendly to them.

A. with B. at C. for D. to

19.Miss Read is good ____ music, and she can be good ______ children in the music club.

A.at, at B.with, with C.at, with D.with, at

20.People usually go out to relax _______ the weekend.

A. in B. on C. for D. of

21.A:Can you sing or draw? B:___________.

A. Yes ,I am B. Yes,I can C. I can draw D. I don’t know

22.What can you do, Lin Tao? ________.

A.I like sports B.I want to join the music club

C.I am well D.I can do Chinese Kung Fu

23.He is friendly, and he can ______ with the old and the young.

A. make friend B. make friends C. do friend D. does friends

24. You need ________ with your children when they are not good at their study.

A. to talk B. talking C. talk D. talks

25.---Can you paint? --- ________.

A.Yes, a little B.Yes, little C.No, a little D.No, little

26. --What's the time? --______one thirty.

A. Its B. It's C. This is D. They're

27. --______ do you usually go to bed? --At six.

A. What time B. How time C. When D.A and C

28. Zhang Min usually gets up _______.

A. on six thirty B. at thirty six C. at six thirty D. on thirty six

29. My sister _______ home at 5:00 every day.

A. gets to B. gets C. get D. get to

30. We only have _______ shower.

A. some B. an C. the D. one

31. My brother ____ the morning news on TV every day.

A. watches B. watch C. watchs D. see

32. Let's ________ quickly.

A. take a shower B. have a shower C. take the shower D.A and Band C

33. Look! The dog’s ________ are so sharp(尖锐的).

A. tooth B. teeth C. tooths D. toothes

34. I am in Grade One. I usually _______ at nine thirty at night.

A. get to school B. get up C. go to bed D. go home

35. He _______ at seven in the morning.

A. go to the school B. goes to school C. goes to a school D. go school

36. Rick often does ______ homework at 6:00.

A. her B. his C. my D. your

37. He __________________ his homework ____________ Sundays.

A. doesn’t, on B. don’t do, in C. don’t on D. doesn’t do, on

38. Please write and tell us _____ your morning.

A. for B. about C. of D. from

39. Do you _________ before breakfast or after breakfast?

A. get dressed B. get dresses C. make dresses D. make dressed

40. My mother __________at 8:00 am and she works in a library.

A. go to bed B. go to school C. go to work D. go home

41. I have an interesting __________. I work with the DJ every Monday.

A. job B. work C. walk D. breakfast

42. ________do you get to school? I take a bus.

A. How B. When C. What D. Why

43. Wang Weihua never _______ the plane to the USA.

A. by B. takes C. take D. On

44. I often go to work ________.

A. ride my bike B. by a bike C. by bike D. on bike

45. How do they go to the park, ______ bike or ____ foot?

A. by, by B. on, on C. on, by D. by, on

46. ―How do you ________there ? ―I take the boat.

A. reach B. get to C. arrive D. arrive in

47. ---____________ does it take her to get to school?

---It takes her about ________ minutes

A. How far, twenty-five B .How long , twenty-five

C. How far, twenty five D. How long , twenty five

48. ---______ is it _______ your school to the village? ---20 kilometers.

A. How, long, to B. How far, to C. How long, from D. How far, from

49. It will take the men half a year ________ the work.

A. to finish B. finishing C. finish D. finishes

50. In our school, school _____ at 7:30.

A. is B. starts C. start D. does

51. Mr. Wang is leaving ________ Guangzhou next week.

A. to B. with C. in D. for

52. A. How long; to read B. How soon; to read

C. How often; reading D. How long; reading

53. --- “?” ---“It is wonderful.”

A. What do you like the book

B. How do you think of the book

C. What do you think of the book

D. What is the book like

54. _______is easy for us to go to school in our city.

A. That B. It C. This D. There

55. --Most of the food _________ delicious in the restaurant.

—But I think most of the things _______ much too expensive in it.

A. is, is B .is, are C .are, is D. are, are

56. The new park is about five kilometers ______.

A. far B. far away C. away from D. away

57.— How are you going to the train station to meet your uncle? —I am going there _____ my new car.

A. at B. on C. by D. in

58. There _________ some small villages along (沿着)the river.

A. is B. are C. be D. does

59. He is only a ___________ boy, he can’t go into the Internet bar(网吧).

A. twelve years old B. twelve year old

C. twelve-year-old D. twelve-years-old

60. He ________ his teacher. She _________ a sister to him.

A. likes, is like B. likes, is likes C. is like, likes D. is likes, like

61. I like riding my bike to school, it is good _____________.

A. sport B. sports C. exercises D. exercise

62. Every morning he has a _______ breakfast and walk to school __________.

A. quick, quick B. quickly, quickly C. quick, quickly D. quickly, quick

63. It is their dream _________a bridge.

A. have B. to have C. has D. having

64. I want to talk to Mr. Xi Jinpin. Can my dream ____________.

A. come on B. come in C. come true D. come ture

65. The children in the village _______ to go to school.

A. go on a ropeway B. do to a ropeway

C. go for a ropeway D. go out for a ropeway

66. When taking a walk, young kids usually walk _______ his father _______ mother.

A. between, or B. between, and C. from, to D. to, from

67. ---What are the school rules?---We _____ arrive late for class.

A. don’t B. can’t C. aren’t D. are

68. _____ eat in class.

A. Please B. Please not C. Not D. Don’t

69. --- _________ in the hallways. --- Sorry, sir.

A. Not run B. Don’t run C. Not running D. Don’t running

70. You can see “” on the wall.

A. No talking B. No talk C. Not talk D. Not talking

71. Students must get to school ____________ every day.

A. in time B. for time C. on time D. at times

72. _________! Can you ________ him calling you?

A. Listen, listen B. Hear, hear C. Listen, hear D. Hear, listen

73. I have __________rice and vegetables for lunch every day.

A. lots of B. lot of C. many D. much

74. Mike, Don’t be ___________ class!

A. busy for B. late in C. free at D. lazy in

75. He is late _______ the party, so he doesn’t know what I say at the party.

A. at B. for C. in D. on

76. We _____________ in the classroom.

A. have to quiet B. have quiet C. have to be quiet D. have quiet to

77. Don’t listen _____ the music in the classroom _____ in the hallways.

A. /; and B. /; or C. to; or D. to; /

78. Jim, don’tBill _______ the books.

A. at, about B. with, to C. with, about D. about, with

79. It’s raining all day, so my brother ______ stay at home.

A. must B. have to C. must to D. has to

80. She ____________ school every day.

A. doesn’t have to come B. doesn’t has to come

C. doesn’t have to come to D. doesn’t has to come to

A. can, can’t B. can’t, can C. must, must D. has to, don’t have to

82. Don’t ________ and don’t _________ in class.

A. eat, noise B. to eat, noisy C. to eat, noise D. eat, be noisy

83. -Can you cook fish? - ________ . It’s easy.

A. No, I can’t B. Yes, I can C. Sorry, I can’t D. Yes, I need

84. I can’t go out ____ school nights.

A. at B. in C. on D. by

85. ---Does he have _______ on school nights? ---Yes, he does.

A. do my homework B. to do the dishes

C. to help my mom with breakfast D. help my mom with breakfast

86. I can’t see my friends, _________.

A. either B. too C. also D. aither

87. I often practice ________ with my father on Sundays.

A. runs B. run C. running D. to run

88. We have to _______ uniforms at school.

A. wear B. put on C. in D. have

89. ---- _________ Sam _______go to bed by ten?

A. Do; has to B .Does; have to C. Does; has to D. Do, have to

90. I am not happy because there are ______ rules and _______ homework at home.

A. too many, too much B. too much, too many

C. too many, too many D. too much, too much

91. Our teacher is strict ______ us.

A. with B. in C. for D. of

92. Usually they _________ rules, and we must follow ________.

A. makes, it B. make, them C. does, it D does, them

93. We learn __________ with our classmates in school.

A. to work B. work C. working D. works

94. I am busy __________________ English in my room.

A. to read B. reading C. read

95. They are from Australia, they are _____________ students.

A. speak English B. speaking-English

C. English-speaking D. English speak

96. The ice cream tastes __________ and sells __________.

A. good, good B. good, well C. well, well D. well, good

97. Walking for long is not good ________ the old people.

A. with B. for C. at D. to

98. I have to __________ every morning after getting up.

A. clean his bed B. read the bed C. make my bed D. go to bed

99. Too much homework keeps the students very ________________.

A. lazy B. quickly C. busy D. dirty

100. We all have fun ____________ on a school trip in spring(春天).

A. go B. going C. to go D. goes

遂宁中学初2016级七下Units 1-4 课本知识点检测100题

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