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长沙县 2014年上学期期中考试七年级英语试卷

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1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________


6、How does Alan get home? A、By a bike. B、Takes bus. C、Rides the bike.

7、How long does it take you to read this book?

A、One day. B、One kilometer. C、At nine o’clock.

8、How far is it from here to your school?

A、About 3 hundred. B、About 6 hundred girls. C、About 9 hundred meters.

9、Does Jane walk to her grandparents’ home?

A、Yes, she does. B、No, she can’t. C、Yes, she is.

10、When do you leave school?

A、I walk to school. B、At four o’clock in the afternoon. C、I leave school for home.



11、What does he go to Beijing to do?

A、He goes shopping. B、He goes to visit his cousin. C、He goes to visit his uncle.

12、How does Jack go to Beijing?

A、By subway B、By car C、By train


13、How many students are there in Henry’s class? A、30 B、34 C、43

14、How do most students go to school?

A、By boat B、By bus C、By bike

15、Why do the three students walk to school?

A、Because they have no boat. B、Because they live in the school.

C、Because they live near the school.





1. _____ pandas from China? A. Are B. Is C. Do

2. I have ________homework to do today.

A. too many B. too much C. much too D. very

3. Can you help me ________ my English?

A.with B.of C.learning D.about

us about two hours ______ the book.

A. take, read B. takes, reads C. takes, to read D. take, to read

5. It’s raining all day, so I ______stay at home.

A. must B. have to C. must to D. can

6. I like koalas because they are _________ friendly.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. kinds of

7. Bob can play ________ tennis but can’t play ________ violin.

A.the, the B.×, × C.the, × D.× , the

8. --_______ he ________ breakfast at home? -- Yes.

A. Dose, have B. Does, have C. Does, has

9. Let’s ____ after school.

A. to play basketball B. play basketball C. play the basketball

10. Miss Read is good _____ music.She can be good ____ children in the music club.

A.at, at B.with, with C.at, with D.with, at

11. --- _____ do you like animals? --- _____ they are cute.

A. Why, Because B. Why, So C. What, Because

12. ---______you come from Beijing? ---Yes, I_______.

A. Are; am B. Do; do C. Is; is D. Does; does

13. How do you ______ there? I take the train.

A. reach to B. get to C. arrive D. arrive in

14. ____ does it take her to get to school?

--It takes her around _____ minutes

A. How far, twenty-five B. How long , twenty-five

C. How far, twenty five D. How long, twenty five

15. I have _______ rules in my home. We have ________ homework to do today.

A. too many, too much B. too much , many too

C. too many, much too D. much too, many too

16. We get to school______ bike or ____ foot?

A. by, by B. on, on

C. by, on D. on, by

17. Linda ________school at 7:30 in the morning.

A. gets B. arrives C. gets to D. arrives to

18. ________you help me ________my work?

A. Do,in B. Can,with

C. Are,with D. Are,do

A. by; by B. in; in C. by; on D. in; by

20. — She can’t go to the party tonight because she _______ do her homework.

A. have to B. has to C. need D. doesn’t have to



There is a in our city. We can see many there. A(n) biggest 天空).Some beautiful ducks always (叶子). They are from Australia. Aren’t they cute? There is a tiger in the cage 8. ___ the tree . It eats a lot of meat every day. I like because it lives only in China and it is the

( )1.A.park B. zoo C. hall D. school

( ) 2 A. trees B .students C. food D. animals

( ) 3.A.lion B. giraffe C. elephant D. cat

( ) 4 . A .birds B. fish C. tigers D. dogs

( )5 . A. fly B. swim C. save D .sleep

( ) 6 . A. elephants B. tigers C. koalas D. lions

( ) 7 . A. eating B. eat C. to kill D. killing

( ) 8. A.on B .in C. under D. over

( ) 9.A.giraffe B .tiger C .panda D. lion

( ) 10.A. smart B .scary C. cut D. friendly



There is an elephant and a monkey.They’re friends, but one day they want to know who is stronger(更壮). One of them says, “Who can get apples over there, who is stronger.” There’s a river over there. Monkey says, “I can’t swim.” Elephant says, “I can swim. Please sit on my back.” They go across the river. The apple trees are very high. The elephant can’t reach(够着)the apples. The monkey climbs(爬)up the tree and gets many apples. Now they know they should help each other.


( )1.The elephant and the monkey want to know _____.

A.who is smarter B.who is higher C.who can swim D.who is stronger

( )2.______ can’t swim.

A.The elephant B.The monkey C.The big animals D.The small animals

( )3.______ can’t reach the apples.

A.The elephant B.The monkey C.The high animals D.The short animals

( ) 4.At last the monkey goes across the river with the help of ______.

A.the elephant B.the monkey C.an animal D.a boat

( )5.From the story we should _______.

A.learn from the elephant B.learn from the monkey C.A and B D.help each other


David comes from the USA, but now he is in China. He gets up at about six twenty and eats breakfast at seven o’clock. After breakfast, he says goodbye to his parents and leave at seven thirty. He usually walks to school. He gets to school at seven fifty-five. He has his first class at eight.

Morning classes finish at twelve and he eats lunch at twelve ten. After lunch, he has a short rest.

Afternoon classes start at two thirty. Usually he has two lessons in the afternoon. The classes finish at four thirty. After school, he usually plays games or does other things at school. Then he 3

gets home at about fifteen. He eats supper at six and then does his homework or watches TV for a little while. He goes to bed at about nine thirty.


( )6. David comes from China and studies in the USA now.

( )7. He eats breakfast at seven o’clock.

( )8. David is an English teacher.

( )9. There are three classes in the afternoon.

( )10. After supper, he goes to bed.

B: _____________ from South Africa. Do you _______________ lions?

A: No, I don’t.

B: Why ______________ you like lions?

A: Beacause they’re really scary. But I like giraffes.

B: Really? _______________ do you like giraffes?

A: Well, _______________ they’re______________ interesting. Do you like pandas? B: Yes, I do. But I like tigers ________________.

A: Tigers? Why ______________ you like tigers?

B: They’re really _______________ !



I can play guitar very ______________ and I want _____________ music club.


We usually ______________ up _______________ on school days.


Lucy often goes to school ____________ but sometimes ____________ to school.


Please don’t ______________ in ________________.


I like pandas ______________ because they’re _________________ cute.


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