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七年级英语(下)lesson_37 You are what you eat!

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1.There are many beautiful flowers and verywhere trees e____________ in our city. trawberries 2.Do you like eating s___________ ? resh in spring. 3.Everything looks new and f____ njoy 4.We’ll stay in the countryside and e______ the nice weather. 5.Spring is a l____ ovely season in China.

make (make) all the 6.The rain and sun______ grass and trees green in spring. lovely (love) day today. 7.It’s a_______ looks 8.Everything________(look) fresh after the rain. strawberries 9.We’re going to pick ___________ (strawberry) tomorrow. is 10.Here_____(be) a photo of Li Lei in the park.

Think about follow questions:
1.What’s your favourite food? 2.What about your dad and your mother?

? 用所给词的适当形式填空。 be; true; awful; usual; well 1. To tell you the _______ , I can not do it by myself. 2. The thing is ___________important. 3. His son ___________ gets up at 7:00. 4.Getting up early is ________ for our healthy. 5. There will __________ a meeting in the hall.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

说实话________________做梦____________ 好习惯____________饮食习惯_____________ 像往常一样___________保持健康___________ 决定做某事___________吃较多的蔬菜 改变饮食习惯_________对某人说___________ 那天晚上以后 _________昨天晚上__________ 那么多的甜甜圈_______一个法国作家_______ 那真可怕_____________你真棒___________ 注意到一些奇怪的事__________________ 一起吃午饭__________

1.你知道“人如其食“这句谚语吗? ____________________________________ 2.说实话,我决定改变我的饮食习惯。 ______________________________________ 4.昨天晚上,我像往常一样吃了十个面包圈。 _________________________________ 5.你不应该吃这么多的面包圈,它对你的健康无益。 ______________________________________ 6.在梦中,我变成了一个很大的面包圈,大家都试图 吃我。 ________________________________________

探究点1:说实话,我已决心要改变饮食习惯。 To tell you the truth, I decided to change my eating habits. 1、告诉你实话吧 to tell you the truth Eg(1)说实话,我根本不喜欢物理。 To tell you the truth I don’t like physics at all To tell you the truth Linda is not my best friend , but Jim is..


2、决定做某事 decide to do sth ? 我决定乘公共汽车去上海。 I decide to take a bus to Shanghai. ? 他决定不去看足球比赛了。
He decides not to watch the football match .

? 后跟名词或代词,decide跟动词时, 构成词组决定做某事 decide to do sth ? 决定不做某事 decide not to do sth

? 3、change的用法: 既可以当动词“改变,变化” 又可以当名词,意思为“改变变化”复数 changes. 交通灯由红变绿。二十年之后学校会有变化吗? 我喜欢其中的一些新变

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