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1. I don't know _________ he will come tomorrow. _________ he comes, I'll tell you.

A. if; Whether B. whether; Whether C. if; That D. if; If

2. I don't know _________ the day after tomorrow.

A. when does he come B. how will he come

C. if he comes D. whether he'll come

3. Could you tell me _________ the nearest hospital is?

A. what B. how C. whether D. where

4. Could you tell me _________ the radio without any help?

A. how did he mend B. what did he mend

C. how he mended D. what he mended

5. I want to know _________.

A. whom is she looking after B. whom she is looking

C. whom is she looking D. whom she is looking after

6. Do you know where _________ now?

A. he lives B. does he live C. he lived D. did he live

7. Do you know what time _________?

A. the train leave B. does the train leave C. will the train leave D. the train leaves

8. I don't know _________. Can you tell me, please?

A. how the two players are old B. how old are the two players

C. the two players are how old D. how old the two players are

9. The small children don't know _________.

A. what is their stockings in B. what is in their stockings

C. where is their stockings in D. what in their stockings

10. I can't understand _________.

A. what does Christmas mean B. what Christmas does mean

C. what mean Christmas does D. what Christmas means


( )(1)What did Mike say? He said ____________________.

A. if you were free the next week B. what colour was it

C. the weather is fine D. summer comes after spring

( )(2)Tom asked my friend ________________.

A. where was he from B. that the earth is bigger than the moon

C. when did he come back D. not to be so angry

( )(3)Let me tell you __________________.

A. how much is the car B. how much does the car cost

C. how much did I pay for the car D. how much I spent on the car

( )(4)Peter knew _______________.

A. whether he has finished reading the book B. why the boy had so many questions

C. there were 12 months in a year D. when they will leave for Paris


1、Do you know how much hot water _______?

A.Mum is needed B.does Mum need C.Mum needs D.did Mum need

2、Can you tell me_______?

A.where he is B.where is he C.he is where D.what is he

3、I didn't know how_______to London?

A.would they go B.are they going C.they would go D.they are going

4、I want to know how long_______.

A.has he been back B.has he come back

C.he has been back D.he has come back

5、Do you know_______?

A.what the news are B.what is the news


C.what the news is D.what are the news

6、He said he would help me with my maths if he_______free.

A.was B.will be C.would be D.is

7、He will write to you as soon as he _______to Shanghai.

A.gets B.is getting C.will get D.shall get

8、Father_______music when he_______young

A.liked?was B.liked?is C.likes?was D.likes?is

9、I liked sports_______I was young.

A.so much as B.so much that C.very much when D.very much because

10、_______ mother got home, I was tidying my room.

A.After B.When C.As soon as D.Before

11、The teacher didn't begin her class_______the students stopped talking.

A.until B.because C.after D.when

12、If it_______tomorrow, we'll go to the Great wall.

A.doesn't rain B.won't rain C.not rains D.isn't rain

13、Could you tell me_______we get to the plane?

A.how B.whether C.where D.what

14、When they got to the cinema, the film_______for the ten minutes.

A.had been on B.has begun C.began D.had begun

15、The teacher says_______she will leave a message on the headmaster's desk.

A.if B.who C.that D.what

16、Lucy looks stronger_______Lily. A.than B.as C.then D.not as

17、I know nothing about it _______he told me.

A.because B.since C.until D.after

18、You must make your new house clean and safe _______you move in.

A.because B.when C.before D.until

19、I was_______tired_______I couldn't walk on.

A.so?that B.too?to C.very?that D.very?to

20、I thought he_______to see his mother if he time.

A.will go?has B.will go ?will have

C.would go ?would have D.would go ?had

21. I don’t know ___________or not.

A. whether he is at home B. if he is at home

C. that he is at home D. whether is he at home

22 This depends on _________ the weather is fine.

A. which B. whether C. if D. that

23 The teacher asked the new student ________ class he was in.

A. which B. where C. if D. that

24. I don’t know ________ Mr. Green will come to see us. He’ll help us with our English.

A. why B. when C. how D. where

25.--- Be careful! Don’t break the bottles. Do you hear ______ I said? David?

--- Yes, Mum A. what B. that C. why D. if

26. --- Do you know _______ Mr Black’s address is?

--- He may live at NO.18 or No. 19 of Bridge Street. I’m not sure of ______.

A. where, which B. where, what C. what, which D. what, where

27. There is not much difference between the two. I really don’t know _____.

A. what should I choose B. which I should choose

C. which should I choose D. what I should choose

28. Did you find out ______?

A. she was looking for whose child B. whose child was she looking for

C. whose child she is looking for D. whose child she was looking for

29. Are you interested in _____?

A. how did he do it B. he did it how C. how he did it D. he how did it 2


1、I won't return the book to the library because I _______(not finish) reading it.

2、As soon as he saw me, he _______to speak to me. (stop)

3、I hope he _______(come) back in a week.

4、It _______(rain) hard when I got to the factory this morning.

5、The old man told the children _______(not walk) in the rice fields.

6、He told me he _______(help) her with her maths the next evening.

7、She said they_______(know) each other for quite some time.

8、If it_______(not rain) tomorrow, we _______(visit) the Pople's Museum.

9、John _______(write) something when I _______(go) to see him.

10、Our teacher told us that light_______(travel) much faster than sound.

11、When I got to the cinema, the film _______(begin)

12、Mike asked me if we _______(ask) any questions the next class.

13、Will you come and stay with us for a while when you _______(finish) doing your homework?

14、Comrade Wang didn't know if there _______(be) on English evening that day.

15、Please tell me if she _______(come) again next time.


(1)These flowers are from Guangdong. He said.

He said _______ these flowers _______ from Guangdong.

(2)Light travels faster than sound. My teacher told me.

My teacher told me _____ light _______ faster than sound.

(3)There will be a meeting in five days. Jack didn’t know.

Jack didn’t know ______ there ______ ____ a meeting in five days.

(4)Can they speak French? I want to know.

I want to know ______ _______ _______ _______ French.

(5)Are the children playing games? Tell me.

Tell me ______ the children ______ ______ games.

(6)Have you finished your homework yet? Mr. Zhao asked Ma Chao

Mr. Zhao asked Ma Chao _______ _______ ______ _____ _____ homework yet.

(7)How many people can you see in the picture? Who knows?

Who knows _____ _____ ____ ____ _____ ______ in the picture?

(8)Where did she park her car? Do you know?

Do you know _____ _____ ____ her car?

(9)What does he often talk about? The girl wondered.

The girl wondered _____ _____ often ________ about.

(10)Who knocked at the door so loudly? I don’t know.

I don’ t know ____ _______ at the door so loudly.

II. 按要求转换句型。

1. Does Mr. Brown enjoy living in China? Could you tell us?(改写句子)

→Could you tell us _________ Mr. Brown _________ living in China?

2. "Does the girl need any help?” he asked me.(变为复合句)

→He asked me _________ the girl _________ some help.

3. Jim is not a student. Tom is not a student, either.(合并为一个句子)

_________ Jim _________Tom is a student.

4. When does the train leave? I want to know.(改为含宾语从句的复合句)

I want to know _________ the train _________.

5. They went home after they had finished their homework. (用not...until改写) They _________ go home _________ they had finished their homework.

6. Did Peter come here yesterday? Li Lei wants to know. (改为含宾语从句的复合句)


Li Lei wants to know _________ Peter _________ here yesterday.




(3) I don’t know _____. Can you tell me?

A. how the two players are old B. how old are the two players

C. the two players are how old D. how old the two players are

(4) --- What did the scientist say?

--- He said he wondered if _____ into space by spaceship one day.

A. he had to fly B. he could fly

C. can he fly D. could he fly

(5) Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me ____?

A. Where the bank nearest B. where is the nearest bank

C. where the nearest bank is D. the nearest bank is where

(6)She asked Tom ________ with his car?

A. what the matter was B. what the matter is

C. what was the matter D. what is the matter


(1) It’s 7:30. I can’t believe you___ cooking dinner yet, Sally.

A. haven’t started B. didn’t C. don’t start D. hadn’t started

(2) The teacher told us yesterday that December 25 ____ Christmas Day.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

(3) The teacher said that the earth _______round the sun.

A. goes B. go C. went D. will go

(4) We ’d like to tell you that you ______the exam.

A. have passed B. had passed C. pass D. will pass

(5) “Could you tell me______?” “ Yes. They ____ to the library.”

A. where are the twins, have been B. where were the twins, have been

C. where the twins are, have gone D, where the twins were, have gone

(6) Our father said that he ______ a new computer next week.

A. will buy B. have bought C. would buy D. buys

(7) I hear that he ______ to Beijing yesterday.

A. goes B. will go C. went D. have gone


(1).I don’t think he is right,__________?

A.isn’t he B.is he C.do I D.don’t I

(2). He believes she is right, __________?

A.doesn’t he B.does he C.is she D.isn’t she

(3).I thought that he disliked playing football,__________?

A.didn’t he B.did he C.did I D.didn’t I

(4). I find _____ important that we practice English every day.

A. it B. this C. that D. what

(5). You can’t imagine ____when they received the nice gift.

A. how they were excited B. how excited they were

C. how excited were they D. they were how excited


1.—What did you parents think about your decision?

—They always let me do ________ I think I should.

A. when B. that C. how D. what


2. Please remind me _________ he said he was going. I may be in time to see him off.

A. where B. when C. how D. what

3. Mary wrote an article on the team had failed to win the game.

A.why B.what C.who D.that

4.Someone is ringing the doorbell Go and see________.

A .who is he B. who he is C. who is it D . who it is

5. ——We haven’t heard from Jane for a long time.

——What do you consider _______to her?

A. was happening B. to happen C .has happened D. happening


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