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Unit 9词汇训练

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Unit 9词汇训练

1. He got gradually ____ in the case, though he didn't intend to originally.

A. connected B. related C. interfered D. involved

2. He suddenly called my name on the street, but I could not ____where ihad met him before.

A. reminded B. recall C. record D. reclaim

3. We are going to be very busy. There is a large _of work for us to do.

A. amount B. number C. lot D. deal

4. The insurance company will pay for the fueniture____by fire.

A. destoryed B. demolished C. damaged D. ruined

5. The ____of his laboratory took time and money.

A. instruments B. equipment C. appliance D. devices

6. A new telescope that may reveal the new ____has been set up.

A. universe B. sky C. orbit D. space

7. –Will you go to the movies with us tonight?

--I’m sorry, I have not made up my yet。

A heart B. brain C. mind D. head

8. I put the medicine bottle on the high shelf in order to ____children ____reaching it.

A. forbid…to B. prevent…from C. prohibit…to D. stop…from

9. It was his pride that ____ in his failutr in the final exam.

A. resulted B. led C. caused D. gave

10. His political ideas were too ____to get support from ordianry people.

A. competent B. complicated C. complimentary D. complex

11. Scientists have done _____ to reveal the effects of cigarette smoking.

A. many researches B. many searches

C. much research D. much search

12. Did you attend the party which ____ place in our department yesterday?

A. took B. was taken C. gave D. was given

13. This district has enormous ______ for economic development, but a great deal of money is needed.

A. opportunity B. potential C. possibility D. sensibility

14. Although he has given us ____ information on that matter, we still can’t draw to a conclusion.

A. an B. many C. some D. much

15. I don’t know why, but he has actually given us no ____ to our proposal.

A. reaction B. action C. reflection D. relation


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