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? autumn 秋天

? The different colours of the leaves

? play in the leaves 在叶子中玩

? apple(s)

? pick apples

After the pictures,think about this question

What is Kim’s favorite season?
Her favorite season is autmn


Pair work. 自主学习一
根据音标拼读并单词 (共3分钟) Page 134

temperature /tempr?t?? / pie /pa?/ n. 馅饼 v. & n. 拍手,鼓掌 clap /cl?p/ n. 温度

happily /h?p??? /

adv. 幸福地;满足地

clap bright happy pick temperature ? 1.Autumn is a good season for people to pick ____ apples on the farm. temperature ? 2.The _______ outside is low(低的)in winter. claps Kim after she finishes her ? 3.Everyone_____for report. ? 4.Km is playing______ happily in the leaves . ? 5.My favourite season is autumn because the weather is often______and sunny. bright

Finish let”t do it 3

Listen and answer the questions
1. What is Kim going to do?
2. What does Kim like to wear during this season? 3. What does Kim often do on weekends during this season?

4.What’s in Kim’s big black bag?

Listen and answer the questions.
She is going to talk about her favourite season.
2.What does Kim like to wear during this season?

1. What is Kim going to do?

She likes to wear scarves.
3.What does Kim often do on weekends during this season?

She often pick apples on weekends during th season.
4.What’s in Kim’s big black bag?

The apples are in Kim’s big black bag

Read and translate the text.
一. 一遍阅读基本内容大意,确定哪些会读,那些不 会读,以及翻译。 二. 小组交流一下,解决问题

Read the text and finish leading guaid(导学案)

连一连 译一译(3分钟)

Read the lesson and answer: 1.How is the weather in autumn? The weather is usually bright and sunny. 2.What about the temperature outside? The temperature outside is cool . 3. Can you imagine(想象) the nature (自然) in fall ?
The sky is blue. The green leaves turn red, yellow, orange and brown. They fall off from the trees. There are many fruits and vegetables.

3.What do people usually wear in autumn? People usually wear sweaters and scarves. 4.What does Kim do in fall? She goes to the farm and picks apples on weekens. She usually helps her mum make apple pie. She can enjoy the different colours of the leaves. She likes to play in the leaves with her friends.

Language points:
1…the weather is usually bright and sunny.

rain---rainy snow---snowy wind--windy cloud---cloudy
2.I usually help my mom make apple pie.

help sb do sth.
help sb with sth. = help sb do sth.

with the help of sb. 在……的帮助下

3.Kim gives a delicious red apple to each classmate. give sth to sb = give sb sth . 4.It’s a kind of cake. A kind of 一种 all kinds of 所有种类的 different kinds of 不同种类的 many kinds of 许多种类的 5…is usually

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