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Language in use

Language practice
He left school and began work at the age of twelve. But he took the name Mark Twain and became very famous in the 1860s. He wrote about thirty-eight plays. In 1599 the company built the Globe Theatre.

动词过去式规则的,在其后直接加-ed,不 规则的需要单独记忆。例如:

We left at nine o’clock in the morning. 我们是早上9点钟离开的。 They swam in the swimming pool and had a good time. 他们在游泳池里游泳,玩得很开心。 He wrote some postcards and sent some emails. 他写了一些明信片,还发了一些电子邮件。

不规则动词的一般过去时的否定形式: We didn’t leave at nine o’clock in the morning. 我们不是早上9点钟离开的。 They didn’t swim in the swimming pool. They didn’t have a good time. 他们没在游泳池里游泳。他们玩得不开心。 He didn’t write any postcards and didn’t send any emails. 他没有写一些明信片,也没发一 些电子邮件。(注意:some 要变成 any!)

一般疑问形式及其肯、否定回答: Did you leave at nine o’clock in the morning? 你们是早上9点钟离开的吗? Yes, we did. / No, we didn’t. 是的,我们是。/不,我们不是。 Did they swim in the swimming pool? 他们在游泳池里游泳了吗? Yes, we did. / No, we didn’t. 是的,他们游了。/不,他们没游。

一般疑问形式及其肯、否定回答: Did he have a good time? 他玩得开心吗? Yes, he did. / No, he didn’t. 是的,开心。/ 不,不开心。 Did he write any postcards and send any emails? 他写了一些明信片, 还发了一些电子邮件 吗? Yes, he did. / No, he didn’t. 是的,他写了发了。 / 不,他没写没发。

根据题后括号内的要求完成下列各题。 1. Mary will come here at 10:00.(用 yesterday改写句子) Mary _______ came here at 10:00 yesterday. 2. I met Lisa at the school gate yesterday morning.(改为否定句) didn’t meet Lisa at the school gate I __________ yesterday morning.

3. Bill wrote an email three hours ago. (改为一般疑问句) write an email three ____ Did Bill ________ hours ago?

Complete the sentences about Betty’s life. 1. Betty _________ (be born) in Quincy. was born 2. She ________ (go) to John Adams went Primary School. 3. She ______ (be) happy in Quincy. was 4. She ______ (have) lots of friends had there. came 5. She ___________ (come) to China in 2008.

Complete the passage with the

correct form of the words.
When my father was young, he (1) __________ didn’t have (not have) much money.

He (2) ________ began (begin) work at
eight o’clock and (3) ______ left (leave)

at five.

got When he (4) _______ (get) home, he always (5) ________ read (read) a book. In the

evening he (6) ________ went (go) to the park
and (7) ________ had (have) a good time.

Complete the conversation with the correc

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