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( A )

This is old picture of Mr Green’s family. the picture we son Jim and daughter Kate. Jim is in a blue coat. Kate a black hat. Kate has a black her cat. Jim a bird. The name Polly.

( )1.A. an B. a C. the D.× ( )2.A. On B. In C. Near

D. At ( )3.A. look B. finds

C. see D. want ( )4.A. the B. a C. his

D. their ( )5.A. in B. on C. wears D. has ( )6.A. She B. His C. Its(它的)

D. It’s ( )7.A. at

B. like

C. after




( )8.A. is B. have C. are D. has ( )9.A. is B. of C. to D. his

( )10.A. is

B. of

C. are

D. isn’t ( B ) A: Hi, Kate . It’s time for

is it? A: It’sseven o’clock.

B: Oh! I must up. I’m late school. A: Don’t you. my shoes, please. A: go now. Bye-bye. A: Bye-bye. ( )1.A. school B. go to school

C. go school


to school

( )2.A. color

B. time

C. age



( )3.A. at

B. on

C. in



( )4.A. to get B. get

C. gets



( )5.A. for

B. of

C. at



( )6.A. worried B. surprise

C. worry



( )7.A. give

B. bring

C. help



( )8.A. me

B. I

C. my



( )9.A. There B. Here

C. Give



( )10.A. can

B. may

C. must



( C )

John and Sally are in the same school. Their home is far (远)from school. They get up early in the morning and take the early bus after breakfast. Sometimes they have lunch in the restaurant(餐馆). John likes hamburgers and meat. But Sally likes vegetables and fruit. After lunch John goes to play volleyball and Sally goes to the classroom. She sings English songs or listen to music.


( )1. John and Sally go to a different(不同的) school. ( )2. They go to school on foot(步行) every day. ( )3. They don’t have lunch at home sometimes. ( )4. Sally’s favourite food is vegetables and meat. ( )5. Sally likes singing or listening to music after lunch.

( D )

Look! A nice watch is on the desk, and it is new. The color of the watch is pink(粉红色). It is a small watch for girls. What's the time on it? It's a

quarter past ten. Whose is it? Let's ask Lucy. "Lucy, is this watch yours?” “Let me have a look. Yes, it is. ”“Put it on, please. You must look after(保管好) your things.” “Thank you very much, Jim. ” ( ) 1. The watch is _______.

A. old B. new C. black D. white ( ) 2. The watch is a __________ watch.

A. boy's B. man's C. girl's D. woman's ( ) 3. The time on the watch is _______.

A. ten o'clock B. ten thirty C. five to ten D. ten fifteen ( ) 4. It's ______ watch.

A. Lily's B. my C. Han Mei's D. Lucy's ( ) 5. Who sees the watch?

A. Nobody. B. Jim. C. Miss Gao. D. I don't know. ( E )

A Smart Bird(鸟)

A man has a bird. It is very smart. Every day the man speaks to the bird.“Hello!”he says. “Hello!”the bird answers.“What are you doing?”says the man.“What are you doing?”says the bird.

The man is not at home one day. A thief(小偷) comes in. He is taking many things.“Hello!”The thief hears the bird's words.“What are you doing?”The thief is very afraid,so he does not take any things and runs out of the house.

( ) 1. The man teaches the bird ________.

A. how to say something B. how to sing songs

C. how to eat something D. how to dance

( ) 2. The bird is ________.

A. very nice B. very smart

C. very beautiful D. very silly(傻的)

( ) 3. The man speaks to the bird ________.

A. sometimes B. once a week

C. every week D. every day ( ) 4. The thief is taking ________ things from the house.

A. a few B. a little C. many D. some ( ) 5. The thief ________ out of the room.

A. walks B. comes C. runs D. goes

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