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满分:120 时量:90分钟

Ⅰ.听力技能 (三部分,共20小题,每小题1分,计20分)

A) 反应 根据你所听到内容和实际情况,选择正确的答案回答问题。(共10小题,每小题1分)

( )1.A. Yes, I can B.No, he can’t C.Yes, I does.

( )2.A.Kung fu B.music club C.volleyball

( )3.A.Yes, they are B.Yes, we are C.No, I’m not

( )4.A.It’s two dollars B.It’s red C.The bigger one

( )5A.At 8 o’clock B.At home C. Go to school

理解 根据你所听到的对话,选择正确的答案回答问题。


( )6When does Alice usually go to school?

A.7:45 B.8:15 C.7:35

( )7How does Alice go to school?

A.By bike. B.By bus. C.On foot.


( )8.Who are they?

A.sister and brother B.friends C.father and daughter

( )9.What is she doing then?

A.Doing her homework B.talking on the phone C.playing computer games

( )10. Where are they?

A. At home B. At school C.on the bus

B)笔录要点 根据你所听到的短文内容,填写所缺的信息单词。(每空不超过3个单词。共5小题,每小题1分)



A)单项选择 从ABC三个选项中选择最佳答案填空。(共10小题,每小题1分)

21. —Can you draw?

—N0,--------.But I --------play the guitar.

A. I can’t ; can’t B. I can’t ; can C. I can ;can’t

22. Her sister can play ______ piano, but she can’t play _____ basketball.

A. the; the B. /; the C. the; /

23. ___ she ___ clean the classroom today?

A. Does, has to B. Does, have to C. Do, has to

24. Jie Min usually gets up _______.

A. at six thirty B. at thirty six C. in six thirty

25. In North America, most students go to school the school bus. A. by B. take C. on

26.How does it take? –It takes about 10 minutes’ .

A. long, walk B. long, to walk C. far, walking

27. There are ____rules in my family.

A. too many B. too much C. many too

28.Don’t _____TV too much after school.

A. watch B. watching C. to watch

29.I like koalas because they are _________ friendly.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. kinds of

30. The men ________ to the radio.

A. are listening B. listening C. is listening


Animals are our friends.We can find animals.Some animals are woods(森林).And some animals are living are man. People can teach the elephant to do some they can animals in zoos. Zoo is a good place for children to get to know animals.

31.A.kind B. a kinds C. kinds

32.A.at B.on C.in

33.A.man B.men C.mans

34.A.useful B.lazy C.smart

35.A.works B.work C.working

36.A.look at B.look like C.look after

37.A.clever B.shy C.Friendly

38.A.would like B.likes C.like

39.A.Some B.Any C.Most

40.A.Because B.And C.But



Tony’s home is about 8 kilometers from his school. On weekdays, he gets up at 6:30. He has breakfast at 6:40.Then he leaves for school at about 7:00. He usually rides his bike to school. But when it’s rainy, he take the subway to school. He walks to the subway station near his home and gets on it. It usually takes 25 minutes.

( ) 41. Tony’s home is a litter far from his school.

( ) 42.He always gets to school by his bike.

( ) 43.He takes the sunway to school, when it’s rainy.

( ) 44. He rides his bike to the subway station and gets on it .

( ) 45. The subway ride takes him less than half an hour.


It is seven forty in the morning. The children are coming into the classroom. A girl is opening the windows. Some are laughing and talking. Some are listening to them. Some are reading books. Some are doing their homework.

Miss Lin is standing behind the teacher’s desk. She is writing on the blackboard. Sue and Anna are wearing their new dresses today. Ann is cleaning her desk. Mike is helping her. They all look happy.

What are Bill and Bob doing? Oh, dear! They are still playing basketball.

( )46. The children are _________.

A. in the school B .at home C. in a boat

( )47. What are the children NOT doing?

A. Doing their homework B. Writing on the blackboard

C. Laughing or talking

( )48. What is the teacher doing? She is _______.

A.cleaning her desk B.opening the windows C. writing on the blackboard

( )49. How many students are not in the classroom?______

A. One B. Two C. Three

( )50.Which is Not right? _______

A. Ann is cleaning her desk.

B. Ann is helping Mike clean the desk.

C. Bill and Bob are still playing basketball.

D.The students all look happy.


A. Li Xin B. Lucy C. Mike

( )52. You can watch Beijing Opera _______.

A. at 3 : 50 a. m. on Thursday B. at 3: 50 p. m. on Thursday

C. at 2: 00 a. m. On Tuesday

( )53. On weekend, we can watch ______ in the auditorium.

A. Chinese Kung Fu B. Beijing Opera C. Paint

( )54. We can see the piano show in ______

A. the auditorium B. Class Five C. the music room

( )55. ______ sings songs for us ______.

A. Lucy; at 3:40 p.m. B. Lucy; at 2:00 p.m.

C. Lucy; in the music room


Joy always rides her bike to school. It’s four miles to school and it takes her about fifteen minutes.Joy likes riding to school. She says it’s good for her health.

Edward usually goes to school by bus. He likes talking with his friends on the bus. It’s about ten minutes’ journey(旅程)to school by bus.

Mary’s home is near to school. She usually walks to school. It’s about five minutes’ walk. Mary says she likes taking walks after meal.

56.How does Joy go to school?


57.How far is it from Joy’s home to her school?


58. Does Edward like talking with his friends on the bus ?


59.How long does it take Edward to get to school?


60.What does Mary like ?


E)阅读短文,根据短文内容,在表中填入相应信息.(每空不超过三个单词,共5小题,每小题2分) A: Hi, Alice ! Nice to meet you ! I have some questions to ask you . Can you help me ? B: Ok , I’d like to. Tell me.

A: I get up early every morning and I eat in school. Can I eat in our classroom?

B: No, you can’t. But you can eat in the dining hall.

A: I know. And can I wear a hat when I am in the classroom?

B: No, you may not . And you must wear your uniform at school.

A: And what are the other rulse in school? Can you tell me ?

B:You can’t listen to music in the classroom ,but you can listen to it in the music room . A: I know . Anything else ?

B: And you can’t arrive late for class, you must on time . That’s all.

A: Thank you very much .

B: You’re welcome .


A)完成对话 通读对话,然后根据上下文补全对话内容。(共5小题,每小题2分)

A teacher is asking Cindy some questions:

T:Hello, Cindy!C: I want to join the art club .

C: Yes , I can .

C: I usually get up at six twenty .

C: I take the bus to school .

C: Yes , we do. We always have to wear the school uniform.

T: Thank you for your answering.

C: You’re welcome.

B)翻译 阅读短文,将文中划线部分译成汉语。(共5小题,每小题2分)

I have four good friends . Li Lei It takes about twenty minutes by bike. I go to school by bike so that I can get to school on time. Second, I can put my school things in the front of the bike. Third, I can take exercise by riding. That’s good for my health.

Chen Jie on my way to school.

Emma I like to go to school on foot. First, my home is not far away from school. It takes me about fifteen minutes to get to school. Second, on my way to school, the traffic is heavy.

The street is full of bikes, motorbikes, buses and cars. I think it’s safe to go to school on foot. Bruce I like to go to school by car. First, my home is very far from school. Second, my father can drop me off at the school gate on his way to work. Third, I don’t need to spend 71 _____________________________________________________






现在是晚上8点,根据Frank 提供的信息,请描述一下 Peter 一家的活动情况。



11.__________ 12__________ 13__________ 14__________ 15__________ 16.___________________________________________________________ 17.____________________________________________________________ 18.____________________________________________________________ 19.____________________________________________________________ 20.___________________________________________________________ Ⅱ.知识运用(两部分,共20小题,每小题1分,计20分)

58.________________________________ 59.________________________________ 60._______________________________

61.__________ 62__________ 63__________ 64__________ 65__________ Ⅳ.写作技能(三部分,共11小题,计30分)

66.___________________________________________________________________________ 67.___________________________________________________________________________ 68.___________________________________________________________________________ 69.___________________________________________________________________________ 70.___________________________________________________________________________

71.___________________________________________________________________________ 72___________________________________________________________________________ 73___________________________________________________________________________ 74____________________________________________________________________________ 75_____________________________________________________________________________ C) 作文 (计10分)

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________



1.Can you swim?

2.What club do you want to join?

3.Are they using the computer?

4.What color is it?

5.When does Tom go to school?

6-7.A:Alice,what time do you usually go to school?

B:I usually go to school at a quarter to eight.

A:How do you go to school?

B:I walk.

8-10.M:Sandy,Where is your brother? W:He is in his room..

M:What is he doing? W:He is playing the computer games.

M:What about you ,dear? What are you doing? W:I am doing my homework. M:Well done!


Help for Old People

We need help at the old people’s home. Are you free in July ? Are you good with old people ?

Can you talk to them and play games with them? They can tell you stories,and you can make friends.It is interesting and fun ! Please call us at 689-7729 today!

16-20.Excuse me,can I ask you some questions now?I’m a newspaper reporter.I’m going to make a survey about sports.Just write your answers on your paper.OK?...Yes,thanks.Let’s begin. Question 16 is:What are the rules?

Question 17 is:Can we eat in the classroom?

Question 18 is: Do you have to wear a uniform at school?

Question 19 is:What do you have to do?

Now comes my last questions:We can’t listen to music in class,can we?That’s all for my questions today.Thank you very much for your help.

1-5.ABABA .6-10.ACCAA 11.free 12.with 13.stories 14.friends 15.interesting

16.We must be on time for class.(可随意写相关制度)

17.No, we can’t.

18.Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.

19.We have to .....(可随意写相关制度)

20.No,we can’t.

21-25.B C B A B 26-30. A A A B A

31—35.C C B A B 36-40. C A C C A 41—45.T F T F T 46—50.A B C B B

51—55.C B A C A

56.By bike . 57.It’s four miles. 58.Yes, he does. 59.It takes him ten minutes.

60.She likes taking walks after meal.

61.eat in the classroom 62.wear the uniform at school 63.in the music room

64. in the classroom 65.arrive late for class

66.What club do you want to join? 67.Can you draw well? 68.What time do you usually get up? 69.How do you get to school? 70.Do you have to wear the school uniform at school?

71.他们正在谈论他们的上学方式与理由。 72.首先,我家离我的学校有点远。

73.其次,坐公共汽车上学安全又便宜。 74.第三,我也认为步行是一种运动。


作文:One possible version:

It’s eight o’ clock in the evening now. L ook at Peter’s family. They are all at home . Peter is doing his homework. His father is reading a newspaper in the living room. His mother is cleaning the table. His grandmother is talking to her daughter on the phone. Mary is Peter’s little sister .She is playing computer games because she has no homework today.

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