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( A )

I am always very busy every day. I usually ___1_____ up very early at 6:30 in the morning. But sometimes I __2_____ still sleepy(睡着的). Then I get dressed and brush my ___3_____. I have___4____ at about 6:50. ___5_____ that, I go to school. I usually leave home at 7:00. At school we all study____6___. We study English, __7______, maths and so on. At noon, I get home and have lunch. At 1:30, I go to school again. Sometimes we play __8______ basketball in the afternoon. I go home at 4:30. In the evening, I do ___9____ homework. Then I go to bed ___10____ 9:30.

( ) 1 A. get B. gets C. getting D. to get

( ) 2 A. is B. are C. / D. am

( ) 3 A. tooth B. teeth C. tooths D. toothes

( ) 4 A.lunch B. supper C. breakfast D. meal

( ) 5 A. Before B. After C. When D. If

( ) 6 A. hard B. easy C. difficult D. important

( ) 7 A. china B. Chinese C. China D. chinese

( ) 8 A. the B. a C. an D. /

( ) 9 A. the B. one’s C. my D. I

( ) 10 A. on B. in C. at D. For

( B )

It’s a fine Saturday morning.There are many people in the park.Many of _1____are young and some are old.

Some children are___2___games over there.Two boys are playing_3__their toy boats.There is a lake(湖)in the park.The water is__4__.There are some_5__on the lake. Near the lake__6___ young man is reading.There is a house near the lake.Beside the house two__7____ are working.Look at that big tree!There __8___some birds(鸟)in it.Under it are some men.Four of them are playing cards.One of them is looking at two cats.The cats are__9___up the tree.What do they___10__(45) to do?They want to catch the birds.

( )1.A.they B.them C.their D.theirs

( )2.A.play B.plays C.playing D.doing

( )3.A.to B.on C.for D.with

( )4.A.clean B.tall C.funny D.new

( )5.A.water B.boats C.rain D.buses

( )6.A.a B.an C.the D./

( )7.A.man B.mans C.men D.mens

( )8.A.are B.is C.am D.many

( )9.A.running B.run C.runing D.runs

( )10.A.to want B.wanting C.wants D.want

( C )

Kangkang is a Chinese boy. He is a student. He is 14. Kangkang likes to make friends(交朋友). Now he receives(收到) a letter from Sam, his pen pal in England. The letter is in English. Sam is a student, too. He speaks English. He likes China. He wants to visit the Great Wall.

( ) 1. Kangkang is a _________.

A. teacher B. student C. doctor

( ) 2. The letter is in _________.

A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English

( ) 3. Sam lives in _________.

A. China B. the U.S.A. C. England

( ) 4. _________ wants to visit the Great Wall.

A. Sam B. Kangkang C. Kangkang's brother

( )5. Sam is Kangkang's _________.

A. classmate B. pen pal C. teacher

( D )

On Sunday, Mike goes out for a picnic(野炊)with his friends. Maria's pet dog goes, too. They take some food there. Jane likes singing very much. She wants Mike to sing a song with her, but he has no time. Mike has to cook. Wang Ping and Michael would like to help him. Steve carries water for them. And Maria flies a kite(放风筝) with her pet dog. They are all very happy!

( ) 1. Who does Mike goes out for a picnic with?

A. His classmates. B. His friends. C. His sister.

( ) 2. What does Jane want Mike to do?

A. Cook food. B. Fly a kite. C. Sing a song.

( ) 3. Wang Ping and Michael would like to _________.

A. cook B. carry water C. sing a song

( ) 4. _________ fly a kite.

A. Maria B. The pet dog C. A and B

( ) 5. They _________ on Sunday.

A. go fishing B. go for a picnic C. go shopping

( E )

Today is fine.The sky is blue.Now it’s nine o’clock in the morning.There’s a sports meeting(运动会) in the forest(森林) on the big mountain.

Look,a horse(马),a panda and a cat are running.Over there a dog and two tigers are jumping.Two monkeys are climbing the trees.Four birds are flying around and singing.

There’s some other animals there, too.The elephants are standing.A monkey in sitting on an old elephant.The monkey has a flay in his hand.polly is sitting in the tree.A fox, ababay panda and some small animals are sitting under the tree.They are all watching.

( ) 1.What color is the sky today?It’s

A.white B.blue C. black

( ) 2.How mangy animals are running ?

A.three B.Six C. two

( ) 3.Which animal are climbing the trees?

A.The monkeys B.The panadas C. The elephants

( ) 4. What are the elephants doing?

A. They are singing. B.They are standing there. C. They are climbing trees.

( ) 5.What’s the weather like today?

A.rain B.fine C.windy


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