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( A )

Dear Dr Know,

I’m not happy. I have too __1_ rules in my family. I have to __2___ at 6:00 every morning. I can’t __3__ my friends after school __4__I have to __5__my homework. I can’t watch TV on school nights. And I have to __6_ in bed by ten o’clock. _7__ weekends, I have to clean my room and wash my clothes. Then I have to help my mother __8__ dinner. Later I have to go to the Children’s Palace __9__ the piano. I never have any fun. __10__ can I do?

( )1. A. many B. much C. a few

( )2. A. go to bed B. get up C.go home

( )3. A. watch B. look C. meet

( )4. A. so B. then C. because

( )5. A. do B. write C. does

( )6. A. be B. is C. am

( )7. A. In B. On C. At

( )8. A. make B. making C. do

( )9. A. learn B. to learn C. learning

( )10. A. Why B. What C. How

( B )

Look 1 the picture. A boat is 2 the picture .Some persons(人) are in 3 boat. They are a man, a woman 4 two girls. Oh, a cat is in it, too. It’s Mimi. It’s 5 6 cat. The man is 7 a brown coat. The girls are 8 hats. The woman is 9 10 .They are all very nice.

( )1.A. at B. in C. after D. to

( )2.A. on B. in C. at D. behind

( )3.A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )4.A. or B. and C. but D. too

( )5.A. an B. the C. a D. /

( )6.A. black B. your C. her D. their

( )7.A. on B. at C. in D. of

( )8.A. in B. behind C.on D.at

( )9.A. on B. at C. in D. to

( )10.A. the red B. a red C. an red D. red

( C )

I am a girl.My English name is Linda.I am eleven years old.I have eight subjects at school.They are Chinese,math,English,P.E.,music,art,science and history. My favorite subject is Chinese.I think it is interesting.I also like English.But it's a little difficult for me.I can speak only a little English.History is interesting ,too.I like it.Math is difficult.Mr Wang is our math teacher.He is very strict.I'm usually tired after his class.But I work hard.I think I can study it well.

( )1.Linda is ______.

A.11 B.12 C.13

( )2.Linda has ______subjects at school.

A.six B.seven C.eight

( )3.Linda's favorite subject is ______.

A.Chinese B.English C.math

( )4.Linda thinks English is ______.

A.difficult B.interesting C.a little difficult

( )5.______ is NOT true.

A.Linda can speak a little English.

B.Mr Wang is Linda's history teacher.

C.Linda thinks she can study math well

( D )

It is eight o’clock. The chilren go to school by car every day, they are going to school on foot.It is ten o’clock. Mrs Sawyer usually stays at home in the morning, but this morning, she is going to the shops. It is 16:00 .In the afternoon, Mrs Sawyer usually drinks tea in the living room. But this afternoon, she is drinking tea in the garden. It is six o’clock, In the evening, the children usually do their homework, but this evening, they are not doing their homework. At this time, they are playing in the garden. It is nine o’clock. Mr Sawyer usually reads his newpaper at night. But he’s not reading his newspaper tonight. At this time, he’s reading an interesting book.

( )1.The children go to school ______ every day.

A. by car B. on foot C. by bike D. by bus

( )2. Mrs Sawyer is going to ___ this mornig?

A.staying at home B. go shopping C. drinking tea D. watching TV

( )3. Mrs Sawyer usually drinks tea at ______in the living room.

A. 8:00 B. 16:00 C. 18:00 D. 21:00

( )4. Are the children doing their homework at this time?

A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t. C. Yes, they are. D. No, they aren’t

( )5. At this time,Mr Sawyer is_________

A. watching TV B. reading his newspaper C.playing in the garden D. reading an interesting book.

( E )

Jim is an English boy. He comes to China with his father and mother. They come here to work. Jim comes here to study.

He is in No. 5 Middle School. He gets up early every day. He isn’t late for school. He studies hard. He can read and write English well. He often helps us with our English, and we often help him with his Chinese. After class he likes playing football, swimming, running, jumping and riding. He makes many

friends here. We are glad to stay with him. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house, mend something or do the shopping. He likes Chinese food very much.

He likes living here. He likes Chinese students very much. We all like him , too.

根据短文内容,判断以下句子的正误。对的在括号内填“ T ”, 错的填“ F ”。

( )1. He gets up late every day.

( )2. He often teaches us English.

( )3. After class , he likes singing and playing basketball.

( )4. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house.

( )5. He doesn’t like Chinese food.

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