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Choose the best one from A, B, C, or D to fill in each blank.

1. The lower A. the level of lighting B. light level

C. leveling of light D. lighting is level

2. Gorillas are quiet animals, sounds.

A. Whether B. even though

C. even although D. as well as

3. The Pulitzer Prize has been years.

A. the award most prestigious that

B. the most prestigious award

C. a prestigious award

D. most prestigious award

4. Written to be performed on a , Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town depicts life in a small new England community.

A. stage scenery of bare B. bare of stage scenery

C. scenery bare of stage D. stage bare of scenery

5. A. Most famous scientists achieved

B. The most of famous scientists achieved

C. The most famous scientists achieved

D. Most famous scientists who achieved

6. Computers that once took up entire rooms are now into wrist-watches.

A. smaller than B. so small

C. small enough D. enough small

7. Not until Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave had been completely explored in 1972 .

A. when was its full extent realized

B. its full extent was realized

C. that its full extent was realized

D. was its full extent realized

8. Precious metals, gems, and ivory have been used to make buttons, but most buttons are made of A. such materials that B. materials as such

C. such materials as D. such materials

9. The best known books of Ross Macdonald, writer of detective novels, feature the character Lew Archer, a private detective.

A. is the B. is an

C. they are by D. the

10. A. As known as far B. Known thus far as

C. It is known as far D. As far as is known

11. The early years of the United States government were characterized by a debate concerning A. whether the federal government

B. either the federal government

C. that the federal government

D. the federal government

12. The history of painting is a fascinating chain of events that probably began with .

A. ever made the very first picture

B. the very first picture ever made

C. the very first ever made picture

D. the ever made very first picture

13. The center of gravity of the human body behind the hip joint.

A. locates B. locating

C. to locate D. is located

14. Some metropolitan newspaper would made sizable volumes in book form.

A. print them B. if printing

C. if printed D. are printing

15. Chinese immigrants began to the United States in large numbers in the middle of the 19 century.

A. come B. to come

C. to have come D. having come

16. A circuit may be defined as a closed path electricity can flow.

A. through B. through which

C. Which D. whose

17. hometown of Amherst, Massachusetts.

A. It was before long B. Before long

C. When long before D. Long before

18. Some research has shown that many assembly line occupations are unskilled, poorly paid .

A. prestige is lacking B. and lacking in prestige

C. and the lack of prestige D. and lack prestige

19. Only outside the Earth’s atmosphere to attain extremely high velocities.

A. it is safe for a space vessel

B. is it safe for a space vessel

C. for a space vessel to be safe

D. a space vessel to be safe

20. There is evidence that prehistoric humans used fire 400000 B.C.

A. so early as B. the earliest

C. as early as D. so early

21. During the late 1850’s the question of the best route for the overland mail to California was in the West.

A. a topic of serious interest

B. a serious interest of topic

C. interest of a serious topic

D. serious interest of a topic

22. Adhesives, such as glue, tape, and gum, vary with the purpose intended.

A. which they were B. which were they

C. for they were D. for which they were

23. Not until about 20 000 B.C. A. the oldest known paintings were

B. the oldest of known paintings were

C. were the oldest known paintings

D. were known of the oldest paintings

24. In 1727 B. Franklin founded one of the first adult-education organizations, Junto.

A. has been called B. which group called

C. to call D. a group called

25. of printing, people were able to produce large numbers of books and pictures.

A. After the B. Because the

C. It was the D. The


1-5: ABBDA

6-10: CDCDD

11-15: ABDCB

16-20: BDBBC

21-25: ADCDA

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