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Choose the best one from A, B, C, or D to fill in each blank.

1. He failed the examination three times but he passed.

A. at the end B. in end

C. at last D. at least

2. He has spent a large A. deal B. amount

C. number D. piece

3. Frank plays Alex.

A. a lot more better than B. much more well than

C. a lot better than D. a lot much better than

4. You drive carefully. The roads are wet.

A. had better B. would rather

C. had rather D. would better

5. I made him A. repeating B. repeat

C. to repeat D. that he repeated

6. It’s ten o’clock in the morning but he is still A. at the bed B. at bed

C. in bed D. in the bed

7. don’t mind what time he arrives at the office.

A. So far as B. So long as

C. In case D. Meanwhile

8. It’s ages him.

A. that I don’t see B. that I didn’t see

C. ago I saw D. since I saw

9. I’ve told him several times but he doesn’t understand.

A. yet B. already

C. no longer D. still

10. It was that he couldn’t finish it alone.

A. so a difficult job B. so difficult a work

C. a so difficult job D. so difficult a job

11. They’re staying with us A. During B. In C. For D. on

12. I can’t give you an answer yet, I’d like more time to consider my decision.

A. quite B. fairly C. rather D. very

13. I you that there’s nothing we can do to help you.

A. regret to tell B. regret telling

C. sorry to tell D. resent to tell

14. Exhausted, we went directly to bed and A. ignored him knock on our door

B. ignored his knocking on our door

C. his knocking on our door was ignored by us

D. ignored his knocking with our door

15. ’s economic policy will help curb inflation.

A. The hope B. To hope

C. Hoping D. It is hoped

16. He A. has been feeling bad B. is feeling badly

C. had been feeling bad D. has been feeling badly

17. The doctor .

A. adviced that Jim lie down every afternoon

B. adviced that Jim lay down every afternoon

C. advised that Jim lie down every afternoon

D. advised that Jim lay down every afternoon

18. During her vacation in Europe, Margaret visited museums, went shopping and A. met B. had met

C. was meeting D. meeting

19. If the train arrives not make it to the theater on time

A. lately, we will B. late, we would

C. more later, we will D. late, we will

20. When traveling in a foreign country, one should be careful to carry at all times.

A. their passport B. your passport

C. one’s passport D. one passport

21. I will meet you A. at the second floor B. on floor two

C. of the floor two D. on second floor

22. If we who he was, we him to speak at our ceremonies.

A. would have known, could have invited

B. had known, could have invited

C. had known, should invite

D. knew, would invite

23. Social critics often point out the fact that the fast pace of modern life is causing people A. to become increasingly nervous and also even more high-strung

B. to become increasingly nervous and high-strung

C. to become increasingly nervous and to become increasingly high-strung

D. to increasingly become nervous and high-strung

24. Of all the sports he played, A. he liked tennis least

B. it was tennis which was his least liked

C. tennis was liked least by him

D. Tennis was disliked by him most

25. The reason they are not coming is A. because they are angry with the hosts

B. that they are mad at the hosts

C. that they are angry with the hosts

D. because they are mad at the hosts

26. A. The mixing together of certain chemicals

B. When certain chemicals are mixed together

C. Certain chemicals are mixed together

D. That certain chemicals are mixed together

27. workers press clay into blocks and bake them to the requisite hardness in a kiln.

A. To make B. Making

C. Having made D. The making of

28. By this time next week, the winners their rewards.

A. will have been receiving B. have received

C. will have received D. will be received

29. The deficit so large that we will probably have to pay additional taxes.

A. has growed B. grows

C. was growing D. is growing

30. The role of the party system in American politics has always been .

A. not dividing but a union

B. a unity instead of dividing

C. not to divide but to unite

D. uniting instead of a division

31. A. When taken drugs B. When one takes drugs

C. Having taken drugs D. When taking drugs

32. The sculpture was coated with an alloy A. consisted of B. composed of

C. composed with D. including

33. Mr. Lin doesn’t know very much English yet, but he speaks it keep his job.

A. good enough to B. enough well to

C. well enough for D. well enough to

34. After spending acquire skills which he can use in civilian life.

A. An B. the C. a D. /

35. Of the two compositions, the first one was .

A. the better B. the best

C. Better D. very good

36. Thin sheets of copper, covered with the particular chemical, early photographs called daguerreotypes.

A. used to take B. were used to taking

C. were used to take D. were used taking

37. Clothing, especially woman’s clothing, by dress designers to promote the fashion industry.

A. is constantly changing

B. is constantly being changed

C. are constantly being changed

D. is frequently being changed

38. After overcoming her shyness, Nan grew the other girls.

A. the more popular of B. the most popular than

C. as popular like D. as popular as

39. Herry Food’s introduction of the assembly line reduced the time it took .

A. to make a car B. making a car

C. for making a car D. a car to make

40. Mrs. Smith does not allow A. anyone smoking

B. anyone to smoke

C. smoking to anyone

D. to smoke by anyone


1-5: CBCAB

6-10: CBDDD

11-15: CCABD

16-20: ACADC

21-25: BBBAC

26-30: BACDC

31-35: DBDDA

36-40: CBDAB

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