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七年级下册lesson 38 Stay healthy的课件

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? 单项选择 1. Reading books is good for our___________ . A. bodies B. brains C. minds D. heads 2. TV can help open our eyes____________. A. Watch B. Watches C. Watching D. Watched 3. You can find _____information on the Internet. A. many B. a few C. a lot of D. any 4. Hang Hui helped me _____my spoken English. A. improve B. improving C. improved D. improves

? 1.I’m sorry , I can’t r________ your phone number. ? 2.We can get the i________ from the Internet. 3.Please k_______ quiet when you are in the classroom. ? 4.I do e_______ in the morning . I want to be strong. ? 5.Danny , don’t f________ your unbrella.

?Think about follow questions: 1.What’s your favourite food? 2.What’s your favourite sport? 3.Are they good for you?

1._________helps Running us remember information. 2._________ Walking can improve our thinking skills. Exercise 3. __________can keep our brains young. Apples help our brains stay strong. 4. ________ Eggs and fish help our brains work 5. ______ faster.

Reading Read the text quickly and fill in the blanks.
? Good for the Mind 1. Reading 2. Listening to music 3. _________________ 4. ______________ Good for the Body 1. Playing ping-pong 2. Eating vegetables 3. ________________ 4.________________

1.remember v. 记得,记起。反义词为 forget.
remember to do sth. 记住要做某事(还没做)

remember doing sth .记得做过某事(已经做过) 如: I still remember singing with you. Please remember to bring your homework to school tomorrow.

? keep + adj
?Why do you keep silent? 你怎么不说话? ?Try your best to keep the children quiet. 你要尽量使孩子们保持安静。

用所给单词的正确形式填空。 are 1. There ______ ( be) many ways to keep healthy. keep (keep) you 2. Swimming can _____ healthy. 3. I like snacksmore _____ (much) than vegetables. 4. Smoking is bad for your health _______ (healthy) . 5. Our teacher teaches us to ______ (talk) talk in English in class.

单选 1、I ’m too tired .What about ___ a rest ? A、have B、to have C、has D、having 2、Eating more vegetables ___ a good habit. A、is B、are C、to be D、were 3、I’m doing my homework. Please ___from me A、keep up B、keep out C、keep away D、keep on

How to stay healthy? 1、Sleep eight hours and get up early every day. 2、Take more exercise. 3、 Wash hands and clothes often. 4、Clean your room every day. 5、Don’t be too tired. 6、Eat more fruit and vegetables.

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