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七年级Unit 8 Topic 2 知识点

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Unit 8 Topic 2 知识点

一、 重要词组

1、talk about sth谈论某事 2、talk sth with sb与某人谈论某事

3、plan to do sth计划做某事 4、wish to do sth希望做某事

5、hope to do sth希望做某事 6、travel around the country周游世界

7、take some pictures = take photos照相 8、go back to +地点名词 返回某地

9、go back home/here/there回家、去这儿、去那儿(前不加to)

10、get together with them与他们相聚 11、celebrate sth with sb与某人庆祝某事

12、some places of interest一些名胜古迹 13、each of us我们各自(谓语动词用单数)

14、have a good plan for the holidays有一个假期的好工作

15、go for a holiday = go on a holiday去度假 16、have a wonderful time玩的愉快

17、tell sb something about sth告诉某人关于某事的一些事情

18、the best time to go there去那儿最好的时间 19、all year round 全年

20、sound interesting 听起来有趣 21、a pair of sunglasses一副太阳镜

22、in other countries在其他国家 23、different countries不同的国家

24、enter someone’s home进入某人的家里 25、take off your shoes脱掉你的鞋

26、go out with their hair wet带着他们的湿头发出去

27、point to anything with your foot用脚指向任何东西

28、eat with your left hand用你的左手吃饭 29、touch a child on the head摸孩子的头部

30、wrap lucky money in red paper用红纸裹压岁钱

31、pass sth to sb = pass sb sth把---递给某人

32、pass something to old people with both hands用双手给老师递来东西

33、greeting from New York来自纽约的问候

34、How are you doing?= How are you?你好吗 35、the day before yesterday前天

36、arrive here 到达这儿 37、travel around the city环绕城市旅行

38、please give my love to your parents请把我最好的祝福给你的父母39、travel to +地点 旅行去某地


1、I wish to travel around the country and take some pictures.我想周游全国并拍一些照片。

2、I want to go back to Guba.我想返回古巴。

3、I hope to get together with them.我希望和他们相聚。

4、I want to celebrate it with my family and old friends.我想和我的家人和朋友一起庆祝它。

5、I’d like to visit some place of interest in China.我想参观中国的一些名胜古迹。

6、Each of us has a good plan for the holiday.我们每一个都有一个度假的好计划。

7、What would you like to know?我想知道什么?

8、What places should I visit in Yunnan? You should visit Dali.

9、What’s the best time to go there? 10、It sounds really interesting.

11、What should I take with me?我该带什么? 12、How would you like to travel?

13、Who would you like to go with?你想和谁一起去?

14、What else would you like to take for the trip?你还想为旅行带上别的什么?

15、People never go out with their hair wet.人们一定不能带着湿头发出去。

16、Don’t touch a child on the head in Thailand.在泰国不要摸孩子的头。

17、How did you travel there?你如何去那儿旅行的?

18、How long did you stay?你呆在那儿多长时间?

19、Did you visit any places of interest?你参观了一些名胜古迹。

20、I got here the day before yesterday.前天我到这儿。

21、How was your trip to Beijing?你去北京的旅行怎么样?

22、Where did you go on holiday?你去什么地方度假了?

23、When did you go on the trip?你何时去旅行?

24、Where would you like to go?你想去什么地方?

25、Different countries have different customs.不同的国家有不同的风俗。

26、The food is very different from ours.食物和我们的不同。

27、How did you travel to England?你是如何去英国旅行的?


1、point to----- 指向-----(远处) point at----- 指向------(近处)

2、arrive here/there/home = get here/there/home = reach here/there/home

3、visit用法 ①名词:visit+ 地点 如:I plan to visit Nanyang.

②名词:a visit to+地点 = a trip to + 地点 如:I want to go on a trip to Beijing.

4、Each of us has a good plan.(each 做主语时谓语动词用单数)

5、travel to+地点 eg: I will travel to Beijing next week. =I’ll go on a trip to Beijing next week.

6、interesting---主语是物: The book is interesting.

Interested----主语是人:I’m interested in English.

7、be interested in sth对—感兴趣 be interested in doing sth 对做什么感兴趣

8、在英语中,表示“摸、拍、抓”某人的身体部分,常使用:动词+sb+on/in/by+the+身体部位 如:The man hit the boy on the nose. The girl hit him in the stomach.


①wish to do sth希望做某事 ②hope to do sth希望做某事(wish、hope后可跟从句) ③want to do sth=would like to do sth ④plan to do sth计划做某事

(want、plan、would like后不能跟宾语从句)

wish, want, would like后接 sb to do sth , 而plan, hope则不可

10、should+形容词 It sounds interesting!


1、A: I want to Beijing with my friends during the May day.

B: Really? _________________?

A: It was wonderful! The people there were very friendly! I had a great time.

B: _________________________? A: By train.

B:________________________? A: Only a little.

B: __________________________? A: Yes, we visited Tianmen.

B: __________________________?

A: The food there is very hot and nice, and it’s different from ours.

2、A: The summer holidays are coming B: I’d like to travel with my parents.

A: _________________? B: We would like to go to Beijing.

A: ________________________? B: I want to go there by train.

A: ________________________? B: I’d like to visit the Great Wall.

A: ________________________? B: I plan to take 1000 with me.

A: ________________________?

B: It’s a little hot. I found something about it on the internet last week.

A: ______________________? B: Thank you!

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