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新版人教版英语七年级上Unit4Where’s my schoolbag 第2课时

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Unit 4 Where’s my backpack?

Section B

Class Two Grade Seven

学习目标 对话练习应该注意的问题


4, 注意 the 或my,your,his,her的用法。

Practise the dialogue in pairs
? Dialogue 1

A: Excuse me. Where’s / Where is the …? B: I don’t know. Is it on /in/under/beside the… A: Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

Where is the pen?
It’s on the table.

Where’s the pen?

Where’s the pen? It’s in the table.

Where’s the pen? It’s under the table.

Practise the dialogue in pairs
? Dialogue 2 A: Excuse me. Where are the…? B: I don’t know. Are they on/in/under/beside the… A: Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

Where are the keys? They are on the table. They’re on the table.

Where are the keys? They’re in the table.

Where are the keys? They’re under the table.

Activity 1a Match the words with the things in the picture Activity 1b

The picture is on the wall. The sofas are on the …

The answers for last picture
The books are on the table. The chair is beside the table. Is the schoolbag on the chair?Yes,it is. My keys are on the bed. Where’s the clock? Oh, it’s on the wall. My room is very buautiful.(漂亮的)


The answers for 2a
The math book is __________. The key is ___________. The books___ ___ the bookcase. The sofa is__________.

The hat ___ ____ the bed.

Activity 2b+2c


Where is /are your…? Is it / Are they …? languages Yes, it is / they are. No, it isn’t. It is… No, they’re not. They are …

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