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1.China is an A_________ country.

2.They like to keep the small dog as their P________.

3.My parents don’t a_________ me to play computer games ,they think it isn’t helpful for my study.

4.John has much trouble in study. He doesn’t know how to do it. Can we give her some good s____?

5. ----Have you ever b____________ to Beijing ? ----Yes, I have.

6. I hope that they will have a w_________ time in the amusement park.

7.There are at l_______ 8000 students in my school. We feel very proud of it.

8.Please hurry up, or the t _____ will be very heavy in rush hours ,we can’t reach the airport on time.

9. I don’t want any expensive gifts. I__________, a birthday card is enough.

10. You mustn’t b________ the school rules, or you will be punished(惩罚).









( )11.----Would you mind watching TV now? ---- No, ____________. B. not at all B.put down C. I couldn’t. C.put out D. I didn’t . D.put off )12.On the bus he asked the young man to __________ the cigarette. )13.The radio is too noisy .Please ____________. B.turn it on C.turn down it B. paid C. cost D.turn on it D. used )14.I had some CDs for my friends and they __________ me $ 30. )15 My hobby is _________ all kinds of coins. B. collecting C.pick up D. picking D.has been to D. so do I

)16.---- Where is David? ---- I think he ___________ Australia. B. has been

C.has gone C.so will I )17.----Will you go to the party tomorrow? ---- If you don’t go, ___________. B.neither do I )18.I can ______swim _____ skate.Will you please teach me? B.not only …but also D.neither… nor A. I wouldn’t. A.put up A.turn it down A.spent A collect A.has gone to A.neither will I A.either …or C.both …and


( )19.----Thank you very much for _____the beautiful present for me. )20.In order to catch the thief , the policeman ran ______ in the street this morning.

B. as quick as he could D. as quickly as he can A. buy B. buying C. gave D. giving A.as quick as he can


( C. as quickly as possible )21. Jack has been studying ______ he came home. )22. ---- Have you ever _________ Jay Chou?

---- Of course , a very famous singer from Taiwan.

B. hear of B. heard of D. hear from A. for B. since C. at D. in A.heard


( )23. I have had many ___________ friends in this city . C.French-speaking D.French-spoken

B.What is the population of Jilin

D.how much is the population of Jilin )24.I don’t know ___________? A.speaking-French B.spoken-French A.what the population of Jilin is C.how much the population of Jilin is


)25.The meat smells __________ .You’d better throw it away. 1

A.wonderful B. wonderfully C.badly D. bad

( )26.If you ______ to the party, you will have a great time. I wonder if you _______.

A. go, will go B.will go, go C.go, go D.will go, will go

( )27.Don’t take the food to the classroom. If you do, the teacher will ______.

A.take it away B.take away it C.take them away D.take away them

( )28.If I have enough money, I will travel ______ the world.

A.around B.to C.at D./

( )29.If you are rich, you can make a living ______ things you like.

A.doing B.to do C.do D.does

( )30.Can you explain the ________ two sentences?

A.following B.follow C.follows D.followed

( )31.He _______ the shells since he_______ to the seaside.

A.collect, came B.has collected, came

C.collected, comes D.have collected, comes

( )32.It’s an ______ film and I’m _______ in it.

A.interest, interest B.interesting, interested

C.interested.interesting D.interesting, interesting

( A.someone B.anyone C.somebody D.no one

( A.In a way B.By the way C.On the way D.In this way

( ___ like me learn about Chinese history.

A.foreigns B.foreigners C.foreigner D.foreigns

( ____ to go.

A.quite far from, quite long a distance B.quite far from, quite long distance

C.quite far from, quite a long distance D.from quite far, quite a long distance

( ____ will you finish skating?

--For five hours and in one hour.

A.How soon, how long B.How, how soon

C.How long, how soon D.How , How

( )38.I got a birthday cake snow globe _______ my _______ birthday.

A.at, six B.on, six C.on, sixth D.at, sixth

( A.the first come, last leave B.first to come, last to leave

C.the first to come, the last to leave D.the first come, last to leave

( ___ I like you. Maybe when you leave here, I will miss you.

A better, more B.The more, more

C.The better, the more DThe.more, the more


41.The shy student knocked at the door and asked _________ (polite)“May I come in?”.

42.Would you mind not _________ (cut) in line?

43.It is very good for the animals to live in a _________ (nature) environment.

44.On my _________(nine) birthday party , I got a lot of nice presents.

45. So far,we have __________ (give) away the things which have no use.


___ (be) collecting kites? For two years.

in the future.

50.To be a professional athlete is sometimes a little dangerous and you may get 53.-How long (work) in the factory?


54.We (be) friends for the whole ten years.


(thousand) students in our school.

59.In Japan,the same gifts may be 60.He said (study) English helped her win the prize.


61.How about having some fish for supper today? (同义句)

some fish for supper today?

62.How beautiful Zhanjiang is!(同义句)

city Zhanjiang is!

63.The box is so heavy that I can’t carry it.(同义句)

The box is carry.

64.You have to go to school.(改为否定句)

You go to school.

he been collecting stamps?

66.Mary has lived in the city for a month.(同义句)

Mary has lived in the city a month 67.He left twenty years ago.(同义句)

He since twenty years ago. 对划线部分提问)

Joe be a reporter?

69.Vicot is too young to dress himself.(改为同义句)

Vicot is to dress himself.

70.Hurry up, or you will be late for class.(同义句)

you up, you will be late for class.

Ⅴ.阅读理解(每题2分。共20分) (A) .

A young officer was at a railway station. On his way home, he wanted to telephone his mother to tell her the time of his train, so that she could meet him at the station in her car. He looked in all his pockets, but found that he did not have the right money for the telephone, so he went outside and looked around for someone to help him.

At last an old soldier came by, and the young officer stopped him and said, "Have you got change for ten pence?"

"Wait a moment, " the old soldier answered, beginning to put his hand in his pocket, "I'll see whether I can help you. "


"Don't you know how to speak to an officer?" the young man said angrily. "Now let's start again. Have you got change for ten pence?"

"No, sir, " the old soldier answered quickly.

( )71. The young officer wanted to telephone his mother to tell her _________.

A. that he was going to visit her

C. when his train would arrive

( )72. He looked around for help because he _________.

A. didn't have coins for the phone call B. had no money to make the phone call

C. didn't have the local money

( )73. The old soldier _________.

A. was glad to help him

C. didn't want to help him B. didn't know if he had coins D. was angry D. wanted to change money B. when his train would leave D. that he was now at the railway station

( )74. The young officer was angry because he thought the old soldier _________.

A. didn't know how to speak to him

C. didn't answer him correctly B. didn't want to help him D. was not friendly to him

( )75. The old soldier in the story was_________.

A. clever B. stupid


Do you use your right hands more or left hands more? Very few of us use both of our hands well. Most people use right hands. Only about five people of a hundred use left hands. New-born babies can take things with either of their hands, but in about two years, they like to use their right hands. Scientists don't know why this happens. They've studied it. They think our animal ancestors used their right hands, this may not be true. Monkeys are our closest relations in the animal world. Scientists have found that monkeys like to use one of their hands more than the other------but it can be either hand. There are as many right-handed monkeys as the left-handed ones. Next time you visit the zoo and watch the monkeys carefully. You'll see that some of them will use their right hands and others will use their left hands. But men use their right hands better and this makes life difficult for the left-handed ones. We live in a right-handed world.

Some scientists have found out that more of successful people are left-handed, but they don't know why. But they are working hard to discover the secret.


( )76.Very few of us use both of our hands

( )77. About 5% people use their left hands.

( )78.The left-handed live easily because most people use their left hands.

( )79.New-born babies use their right hands more.( )80.Scientists don't know the reason why more of successful people are left-handed.


爱是所有生命体最富有激情的强音,在你成长和奋斗的人生旅程中,你不仅用爱体会同学,老师之间的友情,更加理解父母对你无私无怨的付出,请同学们以 “I love ________”为题目,写一篇短文,诠释自己对爱的理解。(10分)

要求:1. 题目规范,清晰。 2.词数不少于70字。 3.书写规范,字迹清晰。

4.文中不得出现学校和自我姓名。 5.注意词语和时态的运用

4 C.it’s hard to say.

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