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新目标英语九年级Unit5 Section B 1

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新目标 九年级 Unit 5

Unit 5 It must belong to Carla Section B Period 1

Listening (1: P37)




The UFO is The alien is The man is chasing the running. landing. man. Why is the man running?

Pairwork (2c: P37)
Sample dialogue 1: A: Why do you think the strange creature is running after the man? B: It could be playing with the man for fun. A: No, can’t you see it is very fierce? It must be hungry.

Sample dialogue 2: A: Why do you think the girl is crying? B: She could be crying for the failing of the exam. A: No, her cat died. She might be crying for her dead cat.

Sample dialogue 3: A: Why do you think the boy is laughing? B: He could be laughing for the exciting result of the match. A: No, can’t you see he’s reading a storybook. He must be laughing for a funny story.

填空: 1. The white dog likes _______ chasing (追逐) cat. escaped (逃跑) 2. The chief has ________ already.

Thank you for listening!

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