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新目标英语九年级Unit5 Self check

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新目标 九年级

Unit 5

Unit 5 It must belong to Carla. Self check

anxious, strange, worried, careful, favorite 1. Mark Twain is Mary’s _______ favorite author. careful of the dog that does not 2. Be _______ bark 3. Fred is afraid of flying. He feels ________ anxious before he gets on the plane.

anxious, strange, worried, careful, favorite 4. I haven’t seen my cat for two day. I am very worried _______ about her. 5. there’s a ________ strange smell in the house. Do you know what it is?

A proverb is a short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses

effectively some common truth or
useful thought. It is a wise saying.

1. One finger cannot lift a small stone. 众人拾柴火焰高。 We must unite to do things. 2. When an ant says “ocean”, he’s talking about a small pool. 人们所处的环境不同,对事物的看法 也不同。 Different people have different views on things.

3. It is less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest. 诚信为先,富贵在后。 We should be honest even if we are poor. 4. Be careful of the person who does not talk, and the dog that does not bark. 小心不说话的人和不叫的狗。 People or animals who are silent might be thinking about hurting others.

5. You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

If others don’t need help, it’s useless to offer them some.

6. Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Let me try, and I’ll understand.

The best way of learning is to practice doing something. 7. Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.

Don’t let past things worry you anymore.

8. He who would do great things should

not attempt them all alone.

If you want to do something great,
do not be shy to ask for help.

根据汉语完成句子。 1. If you ____ have ___ any ____( idea 知道) where it might be, please call me. 2. It must be Mary’s book. Wanda Wilbur is ___ her ______ favorite_______ author (最令她 欣赏的作家).

3. This sweater is _____ much ___( too 太) small for me. 4. They must be ______ _____ (拍 making__ a movie 电影). 5. He lifted ______ (举起) his arms above his head.

6. Our neighborhood ___ ___ used to ___( be 曾 经)very quiet. 7. Zhou Gu ___ _____ _________ (正在接 is being interviewed 受采访)by the local newspaper. 8. If you find something stolen in your house, you’d better ___ _____(报警). call ___ the police 9. I wonder if the prize ______ belongs___( to 属于) him.

Thank you for listening!

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