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八年级英语What are you doing for vacation课件4

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Tongue Twisters(绕口令)

?The sun shines on shop signs


?A big black bug bit the back of a big black bear.The big black bear bit back the big black bug.


Let’s try to say nice wordsto each other.?…, you look great today!

?…,you have a nice dress/T-shirt today!?…,I like your new shoes so much!. ?…You are reallyclever./smart.

?…You have a good taste.(品味)?…I am very happy to see you again!?…Thank you for helping me last term.?…Your English is surprising.

I went to Dalian and Qingdao on vacation. I went with the teachers in our school. We went there by plane.

Dalian is a very beautiful seaside (海边)city. It’s very clean in Dalian. And the weather is cool in June. There are many squares(广场) there. The most famous (最著名的)is Xinghai Square.

There are a lot of Russians in Dalian. They live and work there.

We stayed there for three days. The next day we went to the beach. But the beach was not very clean. So we didn’t swim there.

Do you know how to make your English surprising?

Listening, speaking, reading,writing



Listen to English tapes, teachers, students



Get every chance to speak in classand after class



1.Listen to the tape and read. Then try to recite the passages in the textbook.

2.Read as many English articles as you



1.Try to write as often as you can.

2.When you are writing, you must put what

you have learned into practice right away.





?上交之前, 1)用红笔批改并订正自己的作业本.







?到教室后马上进行早读.不能只看不读或者写作业.?违反规定的要, 一次要“扣除”5个dollars.?课代表要及时组织集体朗读.


能做到边听边读的加2dollars. 听写100分的加5dollars?不听读和不带复读机的和违反规定的扣除5dollars.

“Go for it”是依据鼓励别人试一试的句子,隐含的意思是你不必担心失败,不要谨小慎微,应该利用这个机会勇敢地、果断地行动。

If you believe you can, you can.

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