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31._______ man in black is from _______ England.

A.The; the B.The; / C.A;/ D.A; the

32.—I'm very thirsty now.

—Would you like some _________?

A.tea B.fish C.noodles D.potatoes

33.—When did the earthquake in Lushan happen?

—It happened ____ 8:02 _____ the morning of April 20, 2013.

A.on; in B.at; in C.at; on

34.Unit _______ is easy but ________ unit is difficult.

A.Sixth; seven

C.Sixth; the seventh B.Six; seven D.Six; the seventh D.on; on

35.—Amy, I hear you've got many foreign coins.____ I have a look? —Of course, I'll fetch them for you.

A.May B.Must C.Should D.Need

36.My uncle is repairing some old bikes these days.He plans to _____ to charity.

A.give them away

B.give them up D.pick them up C.take them away

37.—Mr. Li _____ to Mary carefully when I entered the classroom this morning.


—He is very patient _____ he is young.

A.talking; but

B.was talking; though D.talked; however C.talks; though

38.The iPad isn't ________.It belongs to ________

A.he; me B.hers; mine C.his; me D.her; mine

39.I found a letter _______ on the floor when I came into the classroom.

A.lying B.lay C.lie D.lies

40.The dining hall is ________.to hold 300 people.

A.enough big B.enough small

C.small enough D.big enough

41.Could you tell me _______ a meeting in Guangzhou-next week?

A.if there was going to be B.if there is going to be

C.whether is there going to be D.whether there is going to have

42.Peter likes pop music, but ______ his lather _______ his mother likes it.

A.both; and

C.neither; nor B.not only; but also D.either; or

43.The child without parents ______ good care of by his teachers in this special school.

A.is taken B.are taken C.take D.takes

44.I like the cartoon ______ has a happy ending and makes 2


A.which; to laugh

C.whose; laughing B.that; to laugh D.which; laugh

45.—Would you like to go out to play basketball with me? —________, but I should finish my homework first.

A.It's hard to say

B.You're welcome D.You're right C.I'd love to


( )26.This is an empty bottle, Could you give me _______ full one.

A. a B. an C. the D. \

( ) 27. --- Do you know if he _______ tomorrow?

--- I’ve no idea, but I’ll call you if he __________.

A. comes, will come B. will come, comes

C. comes, comes D. will come, will come

( )28. Look, he is standing _______ the edge of the Canyon.

A. on B. at C. in D. of

( )29. ________ people visit the Great Wall every year.

A. million of B. two millions C millions of D. millions

( )30. ---Jane, could you help me check what’s wrong?

---Sorry, I don’t have much _____ of the computer.

A.introduction B. knowledge C. popularity D. advantage

( )31.-- _______ is the river?


---It’s five metres deep.

A. How long B. How far C. How deep D. How wide

( )32. Betty has just read the novel _________ Gone with the Wind.

A. is called B. was called C. calling D. called

( )33. ---Has your school magazine ___________?

---Yes, two issues have________.

A. published,come out B. come out, published C.been published, come out

D. been come out, published

( )34. ---Mr Zhong came to Huizhou in 2006.

--- Oh, that means he ___________ Huizhou for 6 years.

A. has gone to B. has been in C. has been to D. has come to

( )35. The students __________One Day, One Day when Miss Liu came in the classroom.

A. sing B. sang C. were singing D. are singing

( )36. Confucious __________ a great thinker.

A. is known as B. is know as C. is known for D. is know for

( )37.---What do you think of the song?

---Too bad, I won’t listen to it __________.

A. no more B. any more C. no longer D. any longer

( )38. –When ____ our teaching building _____?


---In 2006.

A. is, built B. does, build C. did, build D. was, built

( )39.Listen!They _______ an English class in the next classroom.

A. is having B. are having C. were having D. have

( )40. I want to be a doctor when I ________.

A. look for B. run away C. grow up D. look over

( )41. China is a large country _____ a long history.

A. of B. at C. have D. with

( ) 42.The work ________ in three hours. Let’s hurry!

A. will finish B. has finished C. has been finished D. must be finished

( )43. —I called you last night, but there was no reply.

—I was __________ work in the office until midnight.

A. make B. made C make to D. made to

( )44. As teenagers, we should study hard ____ surf the Internet all day.

A. as well as B. not only C. rather than D. more than

( )45. —I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

—_____ I’ve just arrived here myself.

A. It doesn’t matter B. Promise C .I’ll see to that D. Here it is


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