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Have you decided which book to write about for the English class?

It is about four girls growing up.

Have you at least finished reading the back of the book to see what it is about?

I could not put it down.

I am on page 25.

You should hurry up.

The book report is due in one month.

Yes ,I know.(通常表示赞成和理解他人意思)

When I first arrived on the island,…

I have brought back many things I can use.

I will not give up and wait for another ship.

I have already cut down many trees and built a ship.

I go out with my gun almost every day to kill animals for food.

A few weeks ago,…

Not long after that,…

Who else is on my island?

I have even learned to grow fruit and vegetables.

I saw many cannibals trying to kill two men from a broken ship.

One of them died but the other one run towards my house. I named him Friday because that was the day I met him. travel in the sea

signs left behind

Would you like something to eat?

a music changed her life forever.

She used to fight over almost everything in her life. She was studying abroad in UK.

She heard a song full of feelings of returning home on the radio. She thought her friend back in the US.

Ever since then,…

From the Southeastern of Us.

Music is just about modern life in the US.

It reminds us that the best things in life are free

–laughter,family,and the beauty of nature and the countryside It is her dream to go there one day.

She has done some research on it.

Jerry is one of the most successful people in the Chinese history.

He has sold more than 120 million records .

I hope to see him sing live one day!

the first line in the song/book

The book/song is recorded by… What reader?(reader 读物)

marks of another man’s feet

in the middle of the sea

with enough food and drink

On the beach

Every time she is in the library Her favorite kind of books

a bit adj

How does the music make them feel? The Tom’s music sounds more like rock What facts do you know about……? Her family and friends back in the US Come to realize.

a traditional kind of music

Belong to a group

Each other/one another

How much she actually missed all of them Release his first album

Have a mix of different styles Enjoy success in

Sth Look good on sb


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