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中考复习 非谓语动词专项练习

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1. --- Hi! Li Hong. I didn't see you at the party.

--- Oh, I was busy _______(get) ready for the coming exams.

2. The old men enjoy _______(listen) to the singing of the birds in the park.

3. Why did you keep your brother _______ (wait) for a long time that evening?

4. When they met again, they were too excited _______(say) a word.

5.Through the window, I saw some boys _______(play) basketball.

6.He didn't finish _______(write) the book until last week.

7. Let me _______(help) you _______(water) the flowers.

8. Little Sandy would love _______(take) to the cinema this evening.

9. How much time did you spend _______ (watch) TV last night?

*10. Li Lei is asking his uncle, an English teacher, _______(help) him think of a foreign name.

11. You don't need _______ (worry) about your friend. He is safe at home.

12. --- How long did it take you _______(do) your homework yesterday? --- About half an hor.

13. It's going ______(rain); you'd better ______(take) an umbrella with you.

14. I often hear people _______(say) “_______(see) is _______(believe)”.

*15. We haven't yet decided whether _______ (get) there by bus or by bike.

16. ____________ (repair) my TV set cost me 100 yuan.

17.There are a number of students ________(wait) to get examined.

18. Excuse me for _______(come) in without being asked.

19. Mr Black gave up ______(smoke) only a few years ago. He looks very healthy now.

20. I'm hungry. Get me something __________ (eat).

21. The girl _______(stand) under the tree is my cousin Kate.

22.Books _______ (write) in easy English are popular among Chinese middle school students.

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