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中考复习 代词专项 练习

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一. 人称代词: 主格:I 、 you 、 he 、 she 、 it , we 、you 、they

宾格: me 、you 、him 、her 、 it , us 、 you 、them

eg. ____(我们) all know ____(她). _____(他) had a talk with _____(我) this month. ---Who is knocking at the door? ---It’s ___(我). _________and______(你我他) enjoy the music.

? it 的用法:

1). The music is beautiful. I like _____. 2)_____is about five minutes’ walk from my home to school.

3)、It is a lovely child. Is _____ a boy or a girl? 4). Who is it? It’s the postman.

5)It’s nice of you to give me so much help. It seems that Chinese food is the most popular in the world.

He found _____ very difficult to sleep. I think _____ right to do it like this.

6).it、 that、 one 的用法区别(复数形式:it ----_____ that-----_____ one-----_____)

Yesteryear I lost my pen,but I’ve found _____. Yesteryear I lost my pen,but now I’ve bought _____.

My seat is next to _____ of my teacher.

二. 物主代词:

形容词性 my ,your ,his ,her , its ,our , your , their名词性


1. _____(她 的) dress is green. _____ (我的)is blue.(作主语)

2.--- Is this English-book _____(你的)? --- No,It’s _____(他的). (作表语)

三. 指示代词: this, that, these, those

四. 反身代词: myself 、yourself 、himself 、herself 、itself 、ourselves 、yourselves 、themselves eg. He taught__________ English. The woman in the picture is __________.

The boy is too young to look after _____. Don’t think too much of yourself.(介词宾语)

五. 不定代词

1. some与any

eg. _____ boys /_____ of the boys are good at swimming. Have you got _____ colour chalk?

If you have _____ questions, please ask me.

Will you give me_____ water? Would you like _____ meat?

It’s so easy. _____student can answer this question.

2. few, a few, little, a little

_____ of us have been to Beijing. He knows _____about the book, does he?

There is a little water in this bottle, _____? He has few friends,_____? I'm __________ hungry.

3. other, the other, others, the others, another,

eg. Where are his _____ books? Some are red,and _____ are black.

She has two sisters,_____ is a nurse ,_____ is a teacher. In our class only Tom is English, _______ are Chinese.

Would you have_____ cup of tea? Show me_____ one,please? we need__________two books.

4. every与each


The teacher gave a toy to_______________ child. _______________ ball has a different colour.

I gave __________ an apple when they came. _____ of the rooms is large enough to hold twenty people.

5. all,both,

There are trees on_________ sides of the road. He has lived here ________his life.

He has spent ________ the money on the books.

6. none, neither

________ have arrived yet.

None of the stories ________ interesting. Neither (of the books)________ correct.

7. either eg. There are trees on ________ side (=on both sides).

相关短语: Either …or… Either you or I ________ right.

neither …nor… Neither my sister nor I ________ right.

both … and … Both he and I ________ this teacher.

8、复合不定代词——由some ,any , no, every加上-body ,-one,-thing构成。

Nobody ________(be) absent. There is nothing wrong with the radio.

Is there ________________(重要的事物)?

七. 疑问代词:________ animal do you like best? ________do you prefer,rice or meat?


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