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中考复习 被动语态专项讲解与练习

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主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者。例如:Many people speak English.

被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者,例如:English is spoken by many people.




一般将来时:will/shall be+taught

现在进行时:am/is/are being+taught

过去进行时:have/has been+taught

现在完成时:have/has been+taught



(1)不知道或没有必要说明动作的执行者是谁。 例如: Some new computers were stolen last night.


例如:The window was broken .(by Mike). This book was written by him. 这本书是他写的。





例如: All the people laughed at him. → He was laughed at by all people.

They make the bikes in the factory. →The bikes are made?by them?in the factory.


1. The students _______ often _______(tell) to take care of their desks and chairs.

2. Tom ________(not have) breakfast yesterday morning.

The old man is ill. He ___________ (must send) to the hospital.

4. Vegetables,eggs and fruits___________ (sell) in this shop.

5. What ______ a knife ________ (make) of? It _______________(make) of metal and wood.

6. This kind of machine ______________(can made) by uncle Wang.

7. ______ the magazine _____________(can take) out of the library?

8. The room _____________ (clean) by me every day.

9. The stars ________________ (can see) in the daytime.

10. Some flowers __________(water) by Li Ming already.

11. These kinds of machines __________(make) in Japan.

12. Apples ________________(grow) in this farm.

13. A beautiful horse _______________(draw) by John next day.

14. Planes,cars and trains _______________ (use) by business people for travelling.

15. The cinema ________________ (bulid) in 1985.

16. The bike ____________________ (must not put) here.

17. How long _____ your uncle ________(be) in the city?

18. ______ you ________(see) the film yet?

Yes, I _______(see) it last week.

19. Uncle Wang ______________(live) here since 1980

20. Listen! Someone ______________(sing).

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