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八年级下 Unit10 Grammar Focus-4c

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1. How long have you had that bike over there? I’ve had it for three years. 2. How long has his son owned the train and railway set? He’s owned it since his fourth birthday. 3. Have you ever played football? Yes, I did when I was little, but I haven’t played for a while now.

表示从过去已经开始持续到现在的动作 或状态,可以和表示“从过去某一时刻 延续到现在的一段时间状语”连用,如 “for+时间段”、“since+过去时间 点”、“since+过去时的从句”、 “since+一段时间+ago”。且for与since 引导的时间状语可以相互转换。

e.g. My uncle has worked at this factory for ten years. = My uncle has worked at this factory since ten year ago. I’ve lived here since 1990. 自从1990年以来我就住在这里。 I haven’t seen him for three years. 我三年没有看见他了。

She’s been at this school since five years ago. 自从五年前以来她就在这个学校。

含有for,since的现在完成时的用法顺口 溜: 过去的动作或状态,一直持续到现在, for、since 把时间带。


1. 这本书我买了5年了。

I have bought the book for five years. ( ×)
I’ve had the book for five years. (√ )

2. 你哥哥参军多长时间了? How long has your brother joined the army? (×) How long has your brother been in the army/been a soldier? (√ )

1. 转换为相应的延续性动词,用于现在完 成时。 borrow — keep buy — have put on — wear catch a cold — have a cold get to know — know get to sleep — sleep

2. 转化为“be + 形容词/副词/介词/名词” begin / start — be on go out — be out close — be closed open — be open get to/arrive/reach — be (in) die — be dead leave — be away

finish — be over fall sleep — be asleep join — be in/be a member of become — be make friends — be friends come/go/ — be + 相应的介词短语

1. She _______ this book for nearly three weeks. A. has borrowed B. has lent C. has bought D. has kept √ 2. Ten years has passed ____ the CCTV event People Who Moved China took place in 2002. A. when B. while C. before √ D. since


Rewrite the sentences using for or since.

1. Jim is in Japan. He arrived there three days ago. Jim has been in Japan for three years.

2. They are very hungry. Their last meal was ten hours ago. They have been hungry for ten hours/since ten hours ago.

3. I have a camera. I bought it in 2009. I have had a camera since 2009. 4. I know Anna. I first met her three years ago. I have known Ann for three years/ since three years ago. 5. Linda is ill. She became ill on Monday. Linda has been ill since Monday.

4b Fill in the blanks with the correct
forms of the verbs in brackets.
1. I _______________ have never been (never be) to the go (go) water park before. I want to _____ next month before the weather gets too cold

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