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最新中考英语易错题分类汇编解析 单项选择易错题 完整版

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? _____quickly he eats

? _____a good boy he is
? _____expensive books they are ? _____easily we can work out the question ? _____fast they can swim ? _____a nice girl you are ? _____a good book we can buy ? ____a successful story you can remember ? ____early they can come

? _____quickly

? _____ good boys
? _____expensive book ? _____easily ? _____fast ? _____ nice girl ? _____ good book ? ____ successful story ? ____early

? ____bad news

? _____quickly they clean

? _____ good boys
? _____expensive books ? _____easily we come ? _____fast ? _____a nice girl he is ? _____ good book ? ____a successful story it is ? ____early

? _____bad news

1. 名词、冠词

1. – What can I do for you? B -- I’d like two _______. A. box of apple B. boxes of apples C. box of apples D. boxes of apple 答案: B. (选择其它三项的同学要注意仔细看题. 不要马虎, 这里box 和apple都是可数名词) C 2. Help yourself to _________. A. some chickens B. a chicken C. some chicken D. any chicken 答案: C (选择A的同学要注意chicken当鸡肉讲 时不可数)

1. 名词、冠词

A 3. ________ it is today! A. What fine weather C. How a fine weather

B. What a fine weather D. How fine a weather

答案: A. (选择B的同学要注意weather不可数. 选择C和D的同学要注意weather是名词, 要用what 来感叹.) A 4. Which is the way to the __________? A. shoe factory B. shoes factory C. shoe’s factory D. shoes’ factory 答案: A. (选择D的同学注意这里不是指名词所 有格, 而是名词作形容词的用法.类似的用法如: pencil box; school bag等.)

1. 名词、冠词

A now. Miss Gao teaches them. 5.This class ______ A. are studying B. is studying C. be studying D. studying
答案: A. (选择B的同学要注意, 当这种概念名词当 “ 人”讲的时候要做复数处理.类似的还有: the police are running after the thief等) B 6.We will have a _______holiday after the exam. A. two month B. two-month C. two month’s D. two-months 答案: B (选择C的同学要注意应用two months’; 选择D的同学要注意名词之间有 “— ” 后 的组合词当作形容词来用, 因此就不用所有格形式了 .)

1. 名词、冠词

D 7.____trees are cut down in the forests every year. A. Thousand B. Thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousands of
答案: D. (选择C的同学注意词组记忆的准确性)

C 8.Our sports meeting will be held ________. A. on 24, Tuesday, April B. in April 24, Tuesday C. on Tuesday, April 24 D. in April Tuesday 24 答案: C. (选B的同学是受到中文的影响,要特别注 意中英文的差异)

1. 名词、冠词

A 9_________ people here are very friendly to us. A. The B. / C. A D. An 答案: A. (选择B的同学要注意这里的people是 特指这里的, 因此要用定冠词the) B 10..There is no enough ________ in the corner to

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