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最新中考英语易错题分类汇编解析 单项选择易错题 完整版 (4)

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中考英语易错题分类汇编解析 单项选择易错题

1 What do you think ______solve the problem ?

A you can do

A to cry; to cry

A rises

A there B can you do B cry; cry C you can do to D can you do to C to cry; cry D cry; to cry D raised D which 2 In the past he often made his sister____, but now he is often made ___by his sister. 3 The teacher told us that the sun ____in the east. B rose C raises 4 He lives in a village _____there are a lot of trees. B where C that

5 He _________ Alice for ten years.

A married to B has married to

A but B except

C has married D has been married to C as well D besides D swim 6 We need fifteen more people _____our team to do the job. 7 They won’t allow us ________ at this beach. A swimming

A that B to swim C swam 8 Is this factory ______you visited last week? B where C the one D in which

D for; that

D whose flows 9 The reason ____he was absent from the meeting was ____his car broke down on the way. A that; because B why; that C that; that C that flowing 10 Is the river_____ through that town very large? A which flows B flows

playground just now.

A playing

A which B to be playing C play D to play B who C that D whom

C what D that 12 The red rose is the only one _____I real like. 13 All the apples _____ fell down were eaten by the pigs. A those B which

A when 14 Don’t forget the day ______you were received into the Youth League. B that C at which D where

15 I prefer________ at home to ______outside.

A staying, playing B to stay, play C staying, play D to stay, playing 11 The teacher told me that the students I wanted to see were seen___ football on the

16 The box is _____what I saw in the shop.

A same as B the same like C the same that D the same as

17 The pen _______she writes letters is broken.

A which B that C with which D by which

18 Would you like to ______us in our discussion.

A take part in B join C taking part in D joining

19 I’m sure the red team will ______ the game.

A win

A who B beat C defeat B whom

D succeed 20 Ahead of me I saw a woman ____I thought was my aunt. C of whom D whose C thanks for D Thanks to

B at home and abroad D in home and out of abroad 21 _____your help, everything in the room is in good order now. A Since B Because 22 He is known to the world and has a lot of friends_______ A in and out of abroad C at home and at abroad

23 ---Are you going there with them ?

----If you go,__________.

A I also go

A So is it

different reasons.

A were; was B was ; was

B so long C was; were D were; were D so far 26 We haven’t had any success _______ A before long C by far

27 Travellers ____our country enjoy the beautiful sights in Beijing, Hangzhou and

many other places of interest.

A for B to

A will C till D by C is going to D is to 28 If a man ______succeed, he must work as hard as he can. B should

29 ----I am sorry I didn’t do a good job.

-----Never mind. ______ you have tried your best.

A Above all

A find

B so do I B So it is C so I will C It is so D so will I 24 -----The flower is beautiful. ---____________ D So it is 25 The number of people invited ____fifty, but a number of them _____absent for B In all C At all D After all C develop D prepare 30 The best way to make sure that you can keep fit is to ____healthy eating habits. B create

31 We have spent _____money on English books .

A a great deal of B a good many

32 _______met, it won’t be easily forgotten.

A If only B When if C Once

A in, of B from, of

A a D Once you were D of ,in D the 33 The differences_____ these two pictures _____ colour are easy to see. C between , in C an 34 You should put_____ “s” at the end of this word. B /

35----What’s ______population of China ?

----China has_____ population of 1.2 billion.

A a; the B the; a C /; / D the; the

36 It`s _______here. We can’t work long hours here.

A very much cold B much cold C much too cold D too much cold 37 _______terrible weather we’ve been having these days!

A How a B What a C How

38 ----Have you decided when_____?

-----Yes, tomorrow morning.

A will you leave B to be leaving C are you leaving D to leave

C called D to call

D normal 39 The song ____My heart will go on is liked by the young people. A call B calling A usual

A at 40 Train services are now back to ______after three days of typhoon. B common B in C ordinary D to 41 He is the best ____English in our class. C for

42 The policeman caught hold of the thief and hit him ____the head.

A in the

A in the B on his C on the D in his D on his 43 Did John hit Bob _____eye ? B on the C in his

44There is ____ interesting ____ today’s newspaper.

A anything …in B nothing. .in C something. .on D nothing.. on 45 Has your teacher given you any advice______ your study?

A in B to

A at ,in

C a plenty of D a number of D What C on D with C with ,on D to, with 46 It’s bad manners to laugh _____ others when they are _____ trouble. B over ,at 47 Betty doesn’t have enough money to buy that coat. It’s very ___.

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