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【金榜学案】七年级英语下册 Module 9 Life history Unit 2课件 (新版)外研版

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Module 9 Life history
Unit 2

Ⅰ. 短语连线 1. in one’s life 2. at the age of 3. in many other languages 4. around the world a. 全世界 b. 在??岁时 c. 某人一生中 d. 用许多其他语言

Ⅱ. 句型展示
1. 像许多四百年前的人们一样,莎士比亚的父母没有学习读和 写。

_____ many people four hundred years ago, Shakespeare’s
parents _____ learn to read _____ write. 2. 在学校里他喜欢戏剧,所以当他14岁毕业的时候他决定成为 演员。 At school he liked plays, _____he decided _____ _____ an actor

when he finished school at 14.
答案:1. Like; didn’t; or 2. so; to be

3. 当他28岁时,他去伦敦加入了一家戏剧公司。 _____ he was 28, he went to London and _____ a theatre company. 4. 他成了一位成功的演员并且开始写戏剧。

He became a successful actor _____ _____ _____ write plays.
答案: 3. When; joined 4. and began to

5. 在老剧院里,发生了一场火灾,他们在1614年和1997年再次 修建了它。

_____ _____ a fire in the old theatre, and they _____ _____
_____ in 1614 and in 1997. 答案: There was; built it again

1. marry v. 结婚 ◆ He married in 1582 and had three children. 他在1582年结婚并且有三个孩子。 ◆ She married John last year. 她去年嫁给约翰了。 ◆ She got married to a young man named Frank. 她嫁给了一个叫弗兰克的年轻人。

【探究总结】marry的用法 (1)用作及物动词,构成短语:marry sb. 意为“和某人结婚”;

marry sb. to. . . 意为“把某人嫁给??”。
(2)用作不及物动词,一般用副词或介词短语来修饰。常构成短 marry sb. 同义。 语:get married to sb. 意为“和某人结婚”,与 _________

①She _____ a soldier last year. A. married C married with B. married to D. got married

②Li Xiaolu _____ Jia Nailiang in 2012. A. got married C. got married to B. got married with D. got married and

2. join v. 参加;加入
◆ When he was 28, he went to London and joined a theatre

当他28岁时,他去伦敦加入了一家戏剧公司。 ◆ May I join in the game? 我可以参加这个游戏吗? ◆ You live with an American family, and you take part in American life. 你和美国家庭一起生活,并参与美国生活。

【探究总结】take part in/join /join in辨析 参加或参与会议、游行、战争 等群众性的活动

take part in



参加某组织或团体,并成为其 中一员 参加竞赛、游戏等活动,后面 一般接名词或动词-ing形式

join in


take part in,join,join in

①She _____ a health club last week.
②They all _____ singing the song.

③A great number of students _____ May 4 Movement(五四运
动). 答案:①joined ②joined in ③took part in

successful adj. 成功的 ◆ He became a successful actor and began to write plays. 他成 了一位成

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