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【金榜学案】七年级英语下册 Module 10 A holiday journey Unit 1课件 (新版)外研版

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Module 10 A holiday journey
Unit 1

Ⅰ.选词配图 guess, excited, drive sb. to, Snow White, Mickey Mouse

答案: 1. Mickey Mouse

2. Snow White

3. excited

答案: 4. drive sb. to

5. guess

Ⅱ. 句型展示
1. 你将要去哪里度假? _____ _____ you _____ on holiday? 2. 到那里用了多长时间? _____ _____ did it _____ to get there? 3. 然后我们的朋友接了我们并开车带我们去了他们家。 Then our friends _____ us and _____ _____ _____their home.

答案: 1. Where are;going
3. met;drove us to

2. How long;take

1. excited adj. 激动的;兴奋的 ◆ I was so excited!我很激动! ◆ She was so excited about the great holiday. 对于精彩的假日,她兴奋不已。 ◆ This movie is so exciting. 这部电影真让人兴奋。

【探究总结】excited/exciting 辨析


激动的; 兴奋的

用作表语,主语通常是人, 常用结构:be excited about/at 意为“对/为??感 到激动;兴奋” 用作表语时,主语通常是物; 也可以用作定语,既可以修 饰人,也可以修饰物,指人 或事物本身让人兴奋、激动


令人兴奋 exciting 的; 使人 激动的


【学以致用】 选词填空。(excited/exciting)

①It’s _____ for Jim to play games with friends.
②The children got _____ at the news.

答案: ①exciting


2. spend v. 花费
◆How long did you spend there?

◆A new computer costs a lot of money.

◆It took them three years to build this road.



spend pay




It often _____ me 20 minutes _____ _____ to school by bus.

Jane often _____ much money on clothes.
答案: ①takes; to get ②spends

Ⅰ. 单项选择 1. —_____ did you live there? — For 5 years. A. How many C. How often B. How long D. How much

2. He _____ a year writing the book. A. spent B. spended C. took D. cost

3. —You look so _____ . What happened?

—Jay Chou will come to our city.
A. exciting B. excited

C. interested

D. interesting

4. Who did you go to Los Angeles _____ ?

A. to

B. with

C. and

D. /

5. It _____ him about two hours _____ to Shanghai yesterday. A. took; to fly C. took; flying B. spent; flying D. spent; to fly

Ⅱ. 完成句子
1. 一周前他们游泳了。 They _____ a week _____ . 2. 我们将要去台湾度假。 We are going to Taiwan _____ _____. 3. 上周末爸爸开车带我去了动物园。 My father _____ me _____ the zoo last weekend. 答案: 1. swam ;ago 2. on holiday 3. took ;to

4. 我非常欣赏这首曲子。 I enjoyed this piece of music _____ _____ . 5. 孩子们在花园里玩得很开心。 The children are _____ _____ _____ _____ in the ga

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