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2014春人教版八年级英语Unit 9a1

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1 They have eaten supper
haven’t ______ eaten supper. They _____ 否定句: 疑问句: Have ____

eaten supper? they ____

2 Tom has finished his homework.
否定句 Tom hasn’t finished his homework. 疑问句 Has Tom finished his homework?

根据所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.Excuse me. Have you _____ seen (see) my dictionary? found (find) your wallet yet? 2.Have you _____ have already _______ finished (finish) my 3.I ____ homework. Let’s go out. 4._____ Have you _____ read (read) today’s newspaper yet?

( C )1 .【2013广西贵港】 —Do you know the movie Lost in Thailand? —Yes. I ______ it twice. It’s funny. A. saw B. see C. have seen D. will see


—Lunch? —No, thanks. I__________. A. will eat B. am eating C. have eaten ( A )3.【2013 湖北黄冈】 —Where is Tom? We can’t find him anywhere. — Perhaps he _____ home. A. has gone B. is going C. went D. was going

C)2 .【2013黑龙江牡丹江】

—4 Why is Mr. Yang still in the teachers’ office? —Maybe he ________ his work yet. B A. doesn’t finish B. hasn’t finished C. haven’t finished

区分have/has been to和have/has gone to

去过某地 1.have/ has been to: __________ (表示曾经去过某地,现在回来了)。 been to I have ____ _____ ____ Beijing twice. It’s beautiful.(我去过北京两次) 2 have /has gone to : ____________ 去了某地 (表示某人去了某地,现在不在说话的地方, 可能在某地,也可能在路上,,反正不在说话 的地方。)

My father ____ ____ ___ Beijing.(我父亲去北 京了)
1 ---Where ’s Lisa, Tom?




--- She ___ B to the library.
A goes B has gone go C have gone D would

A 2.Mr Brown isn’t here. I think he ___Guilin. A has gone to B has been to C goes D went

Have you ever been to a museum ?
section A 1a—2c

Let’s learn new words
amusement /?′mju:zm?nt n. 娱乐;游戏 / 游乐场
amusement park somewhere camera

/′s?mwe?/ adv. 在某处;到某处 /′k?m?r?/

n. 照相机;摄影机; 摄像机


n. 发明;发明物

There are many fun places in cities. I have been to a …

space museum

I have been to a …


I have been to an …

amusement park

I have been to a…

science museum

I have been to a …

history museum

I have been to an …

art museum

I have been to a …

water park


the Great Wall

你曾经去 过某地吗? Have you ever been to….? Yes, I have. / No, I

amusement park
water park

— Have you ever been to a history museum? — No, I haven’t. — Me neither. 【用法透析】 Me neither是英语口语中的常用表达,意 思是“我也不(没)”,与Me too意思相对。 如:My friends are happy.. Me too
Me neither =
have I. Neither _____

(1) 英语中表示后者与前者情形相同“也 不……”时,常用neither引起的倒装句 Neither+助动词/系动词be/情态动词+主 语

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