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8B Unit1---3

( )1. We must stop all kinds of better environment.

A. pollution build B. pollution to build

C. polluting building D. polluting built

( )2.-----Shall we go to China Dinosaurs Park tomorrow?

------______.I have to do my homework first.

A. I hope so B. I’m afraid not C. I can’t go D. I don’t think so

( )3. It will be good for your health if you take _____every day.

A. a 2000-metres walk B. a 2000-metre walk

C. a 2000-metres’ walk D. a 2000 metre walk

( )4.---Could you give me help? .

A. any, You’re welcome C. some, Can I help you B. any, My pleasure D. some, With pleasure

( )5. We must make the earth a happy home both humans and animals.

A. for B. with C. by D. at

( )6.He is too busy _______ after his own family.

A. to do his work to look B. doing his work to look

C. to do his work looking D. doing his work looking

( )7.Which sentence is INCORRECT? ____________.

A.My parents have got married since 1992.

B.They have known each other well for quite a long time.

C.We haven’t heard from Jack since two weeks ago.

D.It has been ten years since he joined the club.

( )8.He __________ in the house with his parents till he bought a new flat in 1989.

A. has lived B. didn’t live C. lived D. was living

( )9._________ many fish in the river, but now we can’t see any.

A. There was B. It used to be C. There used to have D. There used to be

( )10.If you live on _______ island, will you feel _______?

A. a lonely ,lonely B. an alone ,alone C. a lonely, alone D. an alone, lonely

( )11. There is _____ homework for us to do .It’s ______ to finish it in such a short time.

A. much too, unable B. too much, possible

C. too many, unpossible D. too much, impossible

( ) 12. The books are ______, I have _________away.

A. helpless , put it B. helpful, threw it

C. useless, thrown them D. useful, putted them

( ) 13. ---Look, that’s Jack over there. ---Oh, really? I_____ in Hangzhou.

A. think he is B. thought he was C. thought he is D. think he has been

( ) 14. If you have a chance to travel to Italy , you had better visit_______.

A. the Leaning Tower of Pisa B. the Little Mermaid

C. the Tower Bridge D. the Statue of Liberty

( )15. — What is wrong with that boy?-He __________ by a car yesterday.

A. was hit B. is hitted C. is hit D. was hitted

( ) 16. Mr. Li ____________ England. He won’t be back _____ next week.

A. has been to; in B. has gone to; after

C. has been to;since D. has gone to; until

( )17. Do you have _____________ to say about your family?

A. else anything B. else something C. anything else D. something else

( ) 18. —Do you mind my sitting here? —, It’s for Mr Brown.

A. Not at all . B. Of course not C. Never mind D. Better not

( )19. — She isn’t a League member, is she?

— ___________. She hasn’t joined the League yet.

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, she has. D. No, she hasn’t.

( )20. When the visitors _____,please let me know.

A. arrive B.reach C.get D.arrive at

( )21. Which sentence is INCORRECT?_______

A. He has been away from his hometown since 10 years ago.

B. Jackson has kept my CD-ROM for about two weeks.

C. There have been great changes in my hometown in the past 20 years.

D. The baby has fallen asleep for nearly an hour.

( )22. It seems the children have__________ back yet.

A. came B. not come C. not returned D.gone

( )23. ______ great fun it is to go hiking in the mountain!

A. What a B. How a C. What D. How

( )24.The food smells _____.Why not______?

A. badly, throw away it B. bad, throw it away

C. bad, throw them away D. badly, throw away them

( )25.—What did he_____ just how?

--Sorry, I didn’t catch his words. I____ about something else.

A. speak, am thinking B. talk, thought

C. say, was thinking D. tell, have thought

1.They couldn’t stop _________(clap) their hands when they heard what she said.

2. They shouted with __________(excite) because the performers all did well.

3. The food _________(taste) delicious. It sells well.

4. Have you found the magazine __________ (hide) by Jim?

5. How __________ (wonder) the girl is playing the piano !

6. Look ! Class 1 Grade 8 students, including Mr. Hu _________ ( ride ) horses.

7.People in the modern world live _________ ( comfortable ) than before.

8.The room is very clean. It’s __________ ( necessary ) to clean it every day.

9.My families __________ ( discuss ) the TV programmes from 8 to 10 last night.

10.Bad weather ! It’s much ________ ( fog ) today.

11.------ Would you mind ________ (remove ) the snow in front of your house ?

------ Sorry , I’m too busy.

12.The baby ________ ( scream ) when he’s parents found him under the stones.

13.The big sandstorm prevented her _________ ( join ) the dance parade.

14.What ________ ( happen ) if you don’t come in time ?

15. He is too _______(luck) to pass his Chinese exam.

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