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外研版七年级英语下Module_10 Unit_3_Language_in_use

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Unit 3 Language in use

Language practice
? Who was with you? ?What did you do? ? How long did it take to get there?

1 Ask and answer about your holidays.
by plane/train do shopping meet…at the airport/station spend all day

如:Where/ go? — Where did you go on holiday? — I went to … 1. Who / go with? 4. who / meet? 2. When / go? 5. what/ do? 3. how/go? 6. how long/stay?

Possible answers
1. — Who did you go with? — I went with my parents. 2. — When did you go? — Last month. 3. — How did you go? — By train. 4. — Who did you meet? — I met my father’s classmate. 5. — what did you do? — I bought some presents. 6. — How long did you stay? — I stayed for a week.

4 Complete the postcard with the correct form of the words from the box.
go have swim take visit write
Hi Mum, having a really good time. I’m writing I’m ______ ______this postcard at the airport. swam in the sea, We were at the hotel for four days. We ______ visited some museums and ______ ______ took in the lots of photos. went shopping. We also ______ See you soon. Lots of love, Betty

5 Choose the correct answer.
1. Today is Wednesday, so yesterday / tomorrow was Tuesday.

√ 3. I’m going to travel around the world many years ago / in the future. √ 4. They’re eating at a great restaurant right now / √ soon. 5. The palace was not open in 1995 / 2103. √
2. I was there last / next week.

6 Write six things you did last holiday.
1. ______________________________ On my last holiday, I bought some ______________________________ presents for my friends. 2. ______________________________ 3. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________ 5. ______________________________ 6. ______________________________

Around the w rld
An interesting holiday
Tourists like to do different things on holiday. Some like to learn about the places they see, some like to take photos of themselves in the places they visit, and some just like to take photos of the interesting things they see.

7 Ask and answer about your last holiday.
— Where did you go? — To … — Who did you go with? — My family.

1. How long did you stay? 2. How did you get there? 3. Where did you stay? 4. What did you do?

8 Write an email to your friend about your holiday.
Dear… On my last holiday, I _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____________________________________

1. We visited Beijing last summer. (划线部分提问)
______ did you visit last summer? Where 2. She did her homework at home yesterday evening. (否定句)

She _________ didn’t do her homework at home
yesterday evening. 3. He had to stay here for two hours. (划线提问) _________ How long did he have to

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