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1、He likes cars ________. A、a lot B、a lot of C、lots of

2、Jack fixes cars all day _____ the gas . A、in B、on C、at

3、Look _____ us ! A、out B、at C、on

4、My birthday is _____ August 17th. A、in B、on C、at

5、Wendy met her rock star ____ her birthday. A、in B、on C、at

6、-- -Did he go to a baseball game? ---______

A、Yes , he did. B、No, he did. C、Yes, he does

7、What was he _____? A、does B、do C、doing

8、Ben _____ his homework last Sunday. A、did B、does C、do

9、Amy went out to ___ on her birthday. A、eat B、eating C、ate

10、---____in your birthday?------It’s on June 28th. A、Where B、What C、When

11、Did he ___in a balloon on his birthday? A、fly B、flew C、flies

12、What’s ____ name? A、his B、he C、she

13、Yesterday______ my father’s birthday. A、is B、were C、was

14、---What did he do on his birthday?---He ____ a party. A、has B、have C、had

15、I’m ____ a good time. A、have B、having C、had

16、What did you __ ? A、do B、did C、does

17、Yesterday it __raining. A、was B、is C、were

18、I’m ____a good time. A、have B、has C、having

19、We did arts and crafts and we ______ a movie. A、saw B、see C、seen

20、I was hiking in the woods and I saw some _____. A、deers B、deeres C、deer


Where do you live? I’m a teacher.

Do you like your job? I live in OAK Grove.

What do you do ? No, he was chasing butterflies.

Do you have a sister? Yes, I do.

Was he picking up trash? No, but I have two brothers.


1、 He also _______(fix) motorcycles.

2、 Amy and Wendy ______(be) playing tag yesterday.

3、 Please______( write) to me soon.

4、 Was he ________ (feed) the ducks?

5、 Did he ________(go) horseback riding last week?


1、April May _____ ______ 2、December ______ ______ March

3、 ______ September ______ ______

4、_______ 2nd ______ 5、10th _____ 12th


have_____ go _____ fly_____ meet____ does_____ get_____ win_____ play____


1、a in clinic works she ________________________________________.

2、is florist a he _________________________________________?

3、shop he flower in works a _________________________________.

4、she out eat on to her birthday went _____________________________.

5、my birthday too that is mother’s ___________________________________.


Dear Mom and Dad,

I like ______________a lot.. On the first day I was ______________and I saw a lot of_____________. Yesterday it was _____________.We did __________________and we_____________. I’m having a __________time.

(B)True( √) or false: (×):

( ) 1. Kathy is at camp. ( ) 2. She was hiking on the first day.

( )3. She sang songs and saw a movie yesterday. ( )4. She saw lots of fish yesterday.

( )5. She’s having a good time.

八.阅读理解:(10) Shelly’s Diary

January 1st Last night was New Year’s Eve. We had a party at our house. I went to the bed at 1:00 in the morning. February 14th Today we had a Valentine’s Day party at school. I got a lot of valentines and candy.

March 23rd Today is my birthday! I am 10 years old. I got a new bike. We went to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

(A)Answer the questions: (5)

1. What did Shelly do on New Year’s Eve? ____________________________

2. Where did she have a party on February 14th? _________________________-

3. Did she get a lot of valentines?_______________________

4. When was her birthday? ____________________________

5. What did she do with her family on her birthday? __________________________

(B) True( √) or false: (×)?(5)

( ) 1. Shelly went to bed at 12:00. ( ) 2.She got a lot of candy.

( )3.She went to a restaurant for lunch. ( ) 4.She got a new bike.

( )5. She is 10 years old.


The children are learning about jobs. Today they are at a restaurant.

A: What do you do? B: I’m a cook.

A: Where do you work? B: I work in the kitchen.

A: What do you usually do? B: I make hamburgers and French fries.

A: Are they delicious? B: Oh. Do you want some?

A: Yes, please. Wow, it’s very nice. B: Thank you. And I am good at it.

A: Do you like your job? B: Yes, I do. It’s a lot of fun.


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