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初中部2016级 英语试卷听力材料

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初中部2011级 英语试卷听力材料


1. nine 2. packet

4. truck 3. blackboard

5. beside


6. What's the time, Sue?

7. Are you hot or cold?

8. What is the tall man?

9. How many chocolates are there?

10. Which are your packets?


11. You are very late this morning, Sandy.

12. What nationality is Paul?

13. Post these letters for me please, Sue.

14. Whose are these books?

15. Sandy, this is a good book. Here you are!


This Chinese boy is Jack. He’s thirteen. He’s in No. 2 Middle School. He’s in Class Two, Grade One. His good friend is Mike. He’s an English boy. He’s fourteen. He’s in Jack’s school. He’s in Class One, Grade Two. Mrs Read is an English teacher in their school. She’s an English woman. Mike and Jack have a secret-Mike is their English teacher’s son.

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