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泰兴市 洋思中学 初三英语第二次模拟试题



二、完型: 16-20 A B C D C 21-25 A A C D C 26-30 C D D B C

三、阅读: 31--35 CDADB 36—40 BDCDC 41--45. A DCBC 46—50 CDBBA

四、词性:51. travels 52. hopefully 53. not go 54. height 55. be given

56. were playing 57. nineties 58. don’t reply 59. stricter 60. to keep


61. think, solve

62. 如果我们不接受爱,我们的生命/生活将失去它真正的意义。

63. The boy had a terrible accident and died.

64. The boy said nothing but quietly walked away.

65. Do remember: Nothing is more important than accepting love from those whom are near and dear to us.

六、缺词: called, hearts, find, themselves, Some, holes, before, last, birth, again

七、作文:One possible version:

Who is the most important in our life?

Recently we have a discussion about who is the most important in our life. Jack thinks his grandfather is the most important in his life. His grandfather takes him to the park on weekends. He thinks it is good for the kid to be close to the nature. Playing chess is Jack’s favorite sport. His grandfather always plays chess with him. When Jack is not sure what to do next, his grandfather would tell him to do what he thinks is right. His grandfather teaches him to make decisions for himself. It helps Jack a lot in his life.

In my opinion, my father is the most important in my life. My father doesn’t tell me what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. He just does what he thinks he should do. From him, I know I should be on time. It’s better to get somewhere earlier and not to let others wait for you. Secondly, be kind to others, think for others and don’t bother others. What’s more, I’d better do things seriously and carefully. What my father does influences me a lot. I really thank him.

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